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Halle Berry at a talk show

Halle Berry Stuns Instagram Peeling Off For Sweat-Drenched Abs Reveal

Getty Images/NBC
By Rebecca Cukier

Halle Berry clocked herself 100,000 views in an hour today, straight-up blowing Instagram's mind as she revealed the rock-hard and sweat-drenched abs she has herself admitted she "threw the kitchen sink at." The 53-year-old actress' #FitnessFriday post came as one giant reminder why upcoming MMA movie "Bruised" cast her – Halle completed three years worth of martial arts training in just six months for "John Wick: Parabellum."

An Oscar might be under belt, but Halle's waistline – as you'll see – is one muscle machine. The below photo, already shared to the star's Instagram, is just the intro.

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Halle Says: 'Abs Come Out'

Halle Berry flashes abs in the gym
Halle Berry/Instagram

Scroll for the video that now sees Halle's 6 million fans with one joint jaw dropping. The "Catwoman" actress had been filmed in a joking reveal manner inside a gym with a countdown to her peeling off a waist-slimmer as she said: "Abs, come out." Halle, wearing black-and-white pants and a skin-tight top, plus a bandana, was seen lifting her shirt and removing the waist accessory from her Re-Spin fitness line – the result was a giant flashing of the world's biggest six pack absolutely drenched in sweat.

Caption Is Selling Her Merch

Halle Berry poses in gym wear
Halle Berry/Instagram

A caption from Halle opened: "Happy #FitnessFriday! For this week’s takeover on @womenshealthmag, we talk about how essential a 360 workout is for really letting those abs POP!"

"A trainer or sweat band (when used PROPERLY as a workout tool - it’s not a corset y’all!) can make ALL the difference in your six pack journey. Read today’s article on @womenshealthmag and learn more about our waist slimmer now on @respin and in the #LinkInBio," she added.

While praise for the mom of two's insane body came in fast, early responses also saw users keen to get their hands on the gear, available at outlets including TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

It's 100% Working – People Want To Buy The Waist-Slimmer

Halle Berry poses with a food dish
Halle Berry/Instagram

A comment quickly gaining likes read: "I never buy 💩 according to ads but I’m getting this thing!!!! Halle!! A-mazing and just the inspiration this girl needed🙏💕"

Meanwhile, personal trainer and "spirit animal" Peter Lee Thomas replied: "Excuse me ma’am, have you swallowed a Lego? Because those abs are Poppin!" Halle and Peter have made headlines this year for fueling dating rumors via their joint #FitnessFriday updates – enough for Halle to personally shut them down. Today was all about those sweat-dripping abs, though.

Keeping Instagram Entertained In Lock-Down

Halle Berry poses with a pillow as a dress
Halle Berry/Instagram

Halle has definitely been keeping Instagram entertained amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Lounging around in "The Ellen Show" underpants saw the star joke about "waiting for my next nothing appointment," with her naked Pillow Challenge going viral last month. Halle, who is Type 1 diabetic and has been keto for 15 years, has also been showing off her "next level delicious" Cheesy Bacon Ranch Chicken. Less easy-going, however, was a video of 6-year-old son Maceo clambering around in high heels, with the star being forced to shut down a troll querying the gender-appropriateness of the situation.

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