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Loren Gray Gets Support From Fans After Opening Up About Her Sexual Assault Experience

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By Favour

Since the lock down began many stars like Loren Gray have opened up to the public about their difficulties and challenges in life. Some of these stories are so sad that they move fans to tears and compassion.

From relationship struggles, to miscarriages, health issues and mental health issues, many stars have had to go through heart breaking events in their lives, to be able to stand tall today.

Presently, Loren Gray is garnering the empathy and love from her fans on TikTok after sharing her story.

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It takes a lot of courage for someone to open up about the struggles that he or she has faced in the past or over the years. People are often skeptical to tell their sad stories because of fear of what the public or critics would day.

There have been instances where a celebrity opens up about his or her struggles, but later comes to regret the act because of what trolls had to say. Thankfully, that's not the same with Loren and she is amazed at the love and support from TikTok users.

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The "Cake" singer has over 43.6 million followers on TikTok and that makes her one of the most popular and influential stars on the application. Some days ago, Loren revealed that she was sexually assaulted at age 12. Although she did not go into specifics as to who did such a horrible thing to her, fans showered her with love.

The social media guru could not believe the outpouring of love from her fans and she made this shock known to Hollywood Life during an interview.

A photo showing Loren Gray in a black two-piece outfit and a grey fur jacket.
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"There was a lot of support and it was really overwhelming. I kind of logged off for the day. Obviously, people are going to have whatever to say, but at the end of the day, if one person could take something from it, that's all that matters." Loren said.

Furthermore, Loren gave her reasons to HL for opening up now. She mentioned that she felt it was important to inform people about that aspect of her life, so they can learn from it too.

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Unsplash | Kon Karampelas

On TikTok, Loren began her tragic story with a photo of herself when she was much younger. She revealed that she was taken advantage in the basement of someone she really trusted. After all had been done, Loren decided to confide in one of her friends and till date, they are very close.

She went on to say that her friend stayed with her in the bathroom and shared in her pain. However, after two months, Loren mustered the courage to open up to her parents.

This resulted in her getting home-schooled and whenever she was bored, she made videos of herself.

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