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Kylie Jenner poses for photographers

Kylie Jenner Claps Back At Forbes For 'Inaccurate' Report About Her Finances

Gettyimages | Toni Anne Barson
By Chris Barilla

It appears that Kylie Jenner isn't taking the latest claims by 'Forbes' that she manipulated information about her net worth to appear to be a billionaire in the publication's eyes lightly.

The reality star and make up mogul took to Twitter on Friday to share a heated string of messages, clapping back at the publication for insinuating that she lied about tax returns and other related financial documents in order to lead the magazine to believe that she was valued at over a billion dollars.

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Early Friday morning, the publication shared a long-winded explanation about why their previous claims that Jenner was in fact a billionaire were false, providing new information that suggests the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star's businesses are signifcantly less profitable than previously assumed, as well as suggesting that she lied about intrinsic details of her fortune.

"Filings released by publicly traded Coty over the past six months lay bare one of the family’s best-kept secrets: Kylie’s business is significantly smaller, and less profitable, than the family has spent years leading the cosmetics industry and media outlets, including Forbes, to believe," the post revealed.

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The publication then insinuated that the family has a history of fudging their financial numbers to the public, "Of course white lies, omissions and outright fabrications are to be expected from the family that perfected—then monetized—the concept of 'famous for being famous,'" the candid statement continued.

"Based on this new information—plus the impact of COVID-19 on beauty stocks and consumer spending—Forbes now thinks that Kylie Jenner, even after pocketing an estimated $340 million after tax from the sale, is not a billionaire," the publication concluded.

Kylie Jenner poses for photographers
Gettyimages | Rich Fury

The mogul was quick to clap back at the publication's claims in a string of tweets addressing the issue.

"What am i even waking up to. i thought this was a reputable site.. all i see are a number of inaccurate statements and unproven assumptions lol. i’ve never asked for any title or tried to lie my way there EVER. period," Jenner began her string of tweets calling out the magazine for suggesting she lied about her actual wealth to them previously.

Kylie Jenner poses for photographers
Gettyimages | Kevin Tachman/MG19

Jenner then questioned the verbiage chosen by the publication, saying their claims were merely that, claims not founded in fact, tweeting "'even creating tax returns that were likely forged' that’s your proof? so you just THOUGHT they were forged? like actually what am i reading."

"i can name a list of 100 things more important right now than fixating on how much money i have," Jenner doubled down in a subsequent tweet, attempting to dead the claims made by the magazine.

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