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Stephanie had difficulties coming out to her parents regarding her relationship with Erika on ’90 Day Fiancé.

’90 Day Fiancé’'s Stephanie Matto Explains How It Sucks To Come Out "Because Of A Show"

Stephanie Matto- Instagram
By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Stephanie Matto is currently on this season of ’90 Day Fiancé’ and made history on the show as being part of the first same-sex couple with Erika Owens. Stephanie lives in Yonkers, NY while Erika lives all the way in Australia. Stephanie ended up making the trip across the world to visit Erika in hopes of taking things to the next level in their relationship. The trip started off fine but then, the two experienced argument after argument.

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Stephanie recently came out on how it "sucked" to try to come out to her parents on a show.

What really started to end the relationship was when Stephanie found out that Erika had relations in the past with a man at a party that they attended together that night and then, Stephanie didn't want to tell her parents about her and Erika's real relationship.

Prior to this, Stephanie was very insecure about Erika as she saw that Erika had a dating app installed on her phone. Erika emphasized though that it was strictly for networking purposes but still deleted the app to make Stephanie happy though. That was already the beginning of the end though.

Stephanie and Erika did not have a successful relationship together when the two finally met in Australia.

Stephanie also struggled to come out as someone who is into women. When she and Erika threw boomerangs in Australia, she told the employee there that Erika was her "special friend." When Stephanie got on a video call with her parents with Erika present, she also backed out and decided to talk about how they went swimming with sharks. Erika did her part though by telling her parents about Stephanie and they were very supportive. Now, Stephanie is explaining the difficulties of coming out on national television.

Stephanie explains how hard it was for her on ’90 Day Fiancé’ to come out to her parents.

Stephanie recently took to her Instagram Stories to address how hard it was to come out to her parents as well.

“Being pressured to come out because of a show sucks. And while I will say, the show’s producers really did try to make things easy on me, I knew my mom would see it eventually and that it was literally a ticking time bomb. I knew the response I would get from her, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to capture that for national TV or to do it in private.

Stephanie was worried about the reaction from her mother in coming out on national television.

Stephanie also labeled her mother as an "traditional eastern european woman who has always dreamt of you marrying some rich d**chebag.” She was also worried that her mother would be labeled as a homophobe for no reason. She added that she will be be "DAMNED if I come out to my mom via Skype with someone who I haven’t even built a solid foundation with."

This season is wrapping up on Sunday so we will see what other clarity that Stephanie provides on the Tell All. Coming out is always a very difficult thing to do but it's great that she's staying strong in the midst of the pressure.

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