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Britney Spears

Report Of Britney Spears Entering Mental Health Facility Sparks 'Mind Control' Concerns

Britney Spears | Twitter
By Alyssa McCraw

A report surfaced late Thursday night stating that Britney Spears had entered mental health treatment.

This report came from Yahoo! News.

Though the outlet does report some original content, it primarily functions as a "news aggregator," meaning it pulls news from various sources and puts them all in one place. This is done for the purpose of easy reading.

The May 28th blurb said: "Pop icon Britney Spears has checked into a 'health facility for self-care,' the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday. She is expected to remain at the facility for 30 days."

The brief paragraph and its attached video have sparked quite the controversy.

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Alleged Article Can't Be Found

Britney Spears in a zeba-striped bikini by her pool
Britney Spears | Instagram

Yahoo! attributed their source as Meredith, which is the parent company for entertainment media outlets like PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly. However, they did not provide the name of the person who actually wrote the blurb itself, and the LA Times did not publish an article about Spears on Wednesday.

Yesterday's share from Yahoo! was found to reference an LA Times article that was published on Wednesday, April 3, 2019.

This article said "Britney Spears [was] taking time to care for herself after supporting her father and the rest of her family."

Fake News Or Nah?

Jamie Spears and his daughter, pop star Britney Spears
Britney Spears | Instagram

At the time, Spears had just canceled her then-upcoming Las Vegas residency. The now 38-year-old revealed that her father Jamie Spears had recently experienced a life-threatening health scare.

The LA Times cited a Page Six source who said that “Britney was having a hard time dealing with her dad’s health issues," but wasn't "drinking or doing drugs or anything."

Yesterday's "update" from Yahoo! carries the same headline as the old LA Times article.

Under the odd repost, one commented, "This is bogus news."

'Fact Check!'

Britney Spears | YouTube

"The LA Times did not report that," they continued. "This article is referencing an LA Times article from April 2019 which stated she checked in on a Wednesday.

"There are no current articles from Los Angeles Times about Britney checking herself. Fact check!"

Their debunking efforts came after many others had already written of "sending good thoughts and get well wishes" and similar niceties.

Others were perplexed by the non-news.

"Just the other day she was showing her abs. I don’t get it," they said. "It’s true money can’t buy happiness.

Conservatorship Suspected To Have Tie-In

Britney Spears performs Circus on "Good Morning America" in December 2008
Gettyimages | Michael Loccisano

"Ummm she's not in a facility," another reply read, "this is old if you guys would watch the video."

The "Circus" songstress was placed under a court-ordered conservatorship in 2008 at the request of (her dad) Jamie. The situation has been widely ill-received since the start.

Those seeking to end the conservatorship continue to uncover/expose what they find to be damning evidence from the public record and news media. Amongst this pro-Britney group is a team of pro-bono lawyers who volunteer their time to help sort through the 12-year paper trail. Their founding member is a graduate of the famed Harvard Law School and currently works for one of America's top legal firms.

The LA Times article at-hand only aided their earlier efforts, and eventually lead to forming the #FreeBritney movement. Those in support believe that Britney has not only been stripped of her civil rights but is actively being held against her will by Jamie and various "handlers."

Whether they knew it or not, the person who called the star a "mind control victim" in the ongoing Yahoo! conversation was echoing the voice of #FreeBritney.

And they weren't the only one doing so.

New Song Drop Was To 'Distract You'

Britney Spears wears a cut-off "BOSS" tank on her balcony
Britney Spears | Instagram

"I wonder who is paying Yahoo for this news maybe her management [sic]. They want to manipulate the public opinion that she is very sick still not sick enough to make money."

Since the 2008 conservatorship order, Britney has embarked on two world tours, completed a multi-year Las Vegas residency, and released four full-length albums.

Earlier today, Britney dropped a song called "Mood Ring." It was actually recorded in 2015 and became a fan-favorite despite only being available in Japan until now.

One fan on Twitter found the sudden song release to be a bit suspect. They think it was actually done by the conservatorship team in response to the LA Times article mysteriously resurfacing.

"Team CON says through one of their puppets that this is an old article. They’re releasing new music today but it certainly isn’t to distract you from this article," they tweeted Thursday.

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