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Christina Aguilera Posts Sultry Pictures On Instagram For Fans To 'Stay Cozy'

Gettyimages | Foc Kan
By Rima Pundir

Singer, songwriter and now the singing voice for Disney's "Mulan", Christina Aguilera's latest bawdy pics on Instagram have left fans thirsty for more. Dressed in a plush robe with a sexy cleavage showing, Aguilera has gone back to embracing her curves though she has lost a considerable amount of weight, something she received major flak for, but gave it back in equal measure to her critics. Now that she's done with "The Voice" Christina is back to doing what she does best, singing her heart out.

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The Voice & The Body

Christina Aguilera looking soft & sultry
Christina Aguilera / Instagram

Christina posted two pictures this week on her Instagram account, and in both, she sizzled and raised temperatures high while she demurely asked her fans to "stay cozy & calm". With a fuzzy background that showed palm trees, Christina looked like a dream, her blonde hair pulled back into a tight bun, sporting pink lips. Fans called her all sorts of queens like "my queen", "gorgeous queen" and the best of them all, "the queen of cozy". Meanwhile Halle Berry made sure to send Xtina loads of love.

Reflecting On Disney's 'Mulan'

Christina Aguilera looking soft & sultry
Christina Aguilera / Instagram

Aguilera's latest is Disney's remake of "Mulan", and she will be singing for it, again. In fact, the original animated "Mulan" also had her voice in it, when she sang "Reflection". In the new version of Mulan, Christina will be singing the new version of "Reflection" as well as also crooning a new song, "Loyal Brave True". "Mulan" holds a special place in Christina's heart, considering she got a record deal at the same time she also got the opportunity to sing for a Disney movie and the love she has for "Mulan" shows.

'Mermaid In A Bottle"?

A moonlight swim pic by Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera / Instagram

Just last week, Christina Aguilera crushed the Internet by going for a "Recharging moonlight swim" and then posting thirsty pics of hers in the water for her fans. A fan comment that got some 70 likes took her song "Genie in a Bottle" and quipped "Mermaid in a Bottle?". Meanwhile, Christina also took a page out of her "Liberation" album and captioned another pool pic with, "Eyes wide open, I'm alive again. Senses sharpened, wash away my sin..." A real mermaid, indeed.

Max & Summer Are Joy

Christina Aguilera with Max & Summer
Christina Aguilera / Instagram

Christina's mother's day gift was a Rhodes piano, a fitting tribute for a mother, and a musical influence. First married to Jordan Bratman and now engaged to Matthew Rutler, Christina Aguilera is mom to Max Bratman and Summer Rain Rutler. She once said, "My children constantly inspire me. I couldn’t be luckier to have Max and Summer, they are the lights of my life." There's an awesome mom for you, one unafraid to show the changes in her body that motherhood brought on. So yes, Xtina is one sexy mama.

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