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Katy Perry 'Prays' For Saturday Space X Launch, Rocking Baby Bump In Metallic Gown

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By Rima Pundir

Singer Katy Perry uploaded a series of metallic-gowned baby bump pictures on her Instagram on Wednesday, a bit bummed because she got all dressed up for the Space X launch, which got bumped up to Saturday. While she looked great in her space-age Star-Wars like costume, it wasn't cosplaying. In fact, Perry was going to be hosting a pregame of the launch on Discovery and Science Channels, and now it has all been pushed to the weekend. Perry has some words to say about it...

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'What's Two Days?' Asks Perry

Katy Perry's Space X selfie
Katy Perry / Instagram

In the pictures which seem to be taken in a studio, Katy Perry wears a kaftan-like metallic gown down to her ankles in a silvery material that looks very futuristic indeed. Matching silver pumps and elaborate hoops on her ears complete the ensemble, as does a toned-down makeup. Her baby bump is very, very visible as Perry soon approaches D-Day, both for Space X and Baby Perry's delivery as well, who incidentally, is going to be a little girl as cute as Perry herself.

Katy Perry Was Cheery, So Was Elon Musk

Katy Perry's Space X selfie
Katy Perry / Instagram

Perry captioned the post as, "Welp. Today’s #SpaceLaunchLive was BUMPED due to weather, but what’s two days when @spacex has been waiting for 18 years... Let’s pray it’s in the cards for Saturday!" Most Perry and Space X fans must be praying too, as must be Elon Musk. Talking about Elon Musk, and Grimes, they did change their baby boy's name, but before child protection services can heave a sigh of relief, it's X Æ A-Xii instead of X Æ A-12, and the world is still mostly clueless.

Perry Will Be Pregaming The Launch On Discovery

Katy Perry at the American Idol finale
Katy Perry / Instagram

Perry was quick to put in a word to make sure people watched the launch and more importantly, her TV appearance before it. She added, "Set your alarm for the 3:22pm EDT launch, and don’t miss the pregame with me on @Discovery and @ScienceChannel for a historical moment in space travel 🚀". A shoutout to Sally Kohn for writing in a hilarious comment that read, "Wait, wait don’t go to outer space don’t leave us". With the silver foil-like dress Perry was wearing, the stylist may now have to work doubly hard for her Saturday appearance.

Perry Does A Pregnant Nudie In 'Daisies'

Katy Perry shooting for her song 'Daisies'
Katy Perry / Instagram

While Perry announced her pregnancy in a love ballad wearing a Grecian gown, she has no qualms about dropping it all to appear nude in her latest music video, "Daisies". Of course, Perry looks banging in the video, as she steps into the water and drops her white summer frock to stand tall and proud in what her mamma gave her. The lyrics are as empowering as Perry herself, "Took those sticks and stones, showed ‘em I could build a house". Watch the preview below...

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