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Ava Sambora wearing white top

Heather Locklear's Daughter Ava Sambora, 22, Drops Sexy Instagram Selfies In Mom's Tank Top

Instagram @Avasambora
By Jacob Highley

Ava Sambora just dropped another stellar update on her social media. This time the 22-year-old actress posed with her hair down, tight jeans on, and one of her mother’s iconic “Bon Jovi’ tank tops.

Her mother, Heather Locklear, has been a big supporter for Ava’s acting career as early as her acting debut in Judd Apatow's Universal feature film, “This Is 40” (2012) at the age of 14.

Since then, Ava has taken on several TV roles and movies and has a moderate following on Instagram.

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Following Moma's Footsteps In Style!

Ava Sambora in leopard top
Instagram @Avasambora

Although her 58-year-old mother has left quite the legacy to follow, Ava hasn’t shied away from it in the slightest. In fact, along with displaying great ambition to become a leading actress in major films and TV shows, Ava has also shown tremendous self-confidence when it comes to her physical beauty.

Along with this latest post showing Ava wearing one of her mother’s tops, she has posted quite a few incredible pictures of herself wearing skimpy bikinis and revealing swimwear.

Bikinis & Flawless Skin

Ava Sambora as a black angel
Instagram @Avasambora

Ava hasn’t had a lengthy career as a model, but she did model for Tally Weijl about a year ago and has since continued to update her social feed with stunning photos. Not always while wearing swimwear, but there is something to be said for the ones where she does.

One such photo was posted last month which had Ava wearing a grey-ish two-piece bikini and a stylish hat while sitting pretty by the ocean. Her getup and skin tone are amazing, with her pose wonderfully selling the moment.

A 2020 Graduate!

Heather Locklear & Ava Sambora
Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff

Ava recently graduated College with a “B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies” and says she is hoping to attend a graduate school in 2021. She posted a super-cute picture of herself on a blanket covering a lush green lawn with an amazing view in the background.

She can be seen wearing an all-white outfit, including a stylish white graduate hat, while holding hot-pink flowers in a bouquet. Although not every comment was positive after some readers made fun of what she majored in, Ava is all smiles after her academic accomplishments.

And She's Got A Hot Boyfriend!

Ava Sambora and her boyfriend kissing
Instagram @Avasambora

Speaking of accomplishments, Ava has been beaming with pride after posting pictures of her hunky boyfriend (who has yet to be named) on her Instagram account. She has evidently been with her boyfriend for years as some of her earliest moments with him were captured at the prom.

The couple receives loads of praise from fans who think they make the most perfect couple, and many of their pictures together feature them making out.

An engagement hasn’t been announced yet, but that may change very quickly now that Ava is going to have college behind her.

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