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Katy Perry in a suit

Heavily-Pregnant Katy Perry Unrecognizable In Floral Swimsuit In British Paparazzi Photos

Gettyimages | RB/Bauer-Griffin
By Rebecca Cukier

Katy Perry, now heavily pregnant since announcing she was expecting in March, has appeared near-unrecognizable in Santa Barbara beach photos. The 35-year-old hitmaker and 13-time Grammy-nominee – once iconic for a bombshell finish to her natural good looks – shocked viewers with her Memorial Day weekend outing, seen with shirtless fiancé Orlando Bloom.

Perhaps most encouraging in photos contrasting already toned-down images on the "Roar" singer's Instagram, however, was the response. While body-shaming comments over the "American Idol" judge came in, they were quickly topped by over 3,000 upvotes to a reply reading: "Am I the only one who thinks she looks lovely?"

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Instagram Documents Stunning Baby Bump

Katy Perry flaunts baby bump in a pink dress
Katy Perry/Instagram

Keep scrolling for the paparazzi photos now seeing an unprecedented number of users – and these aren't necessarily fans – call the singer's "non-airbrushed" and "natural" look something they'd "take over the Kardashians every day."

Over on Katy's Instagram, followed by 97.4 million, the photos have been both glam and low-key, with Katy's growing baby girl bump flourishing and the "Daisies" singer partially maintaining her signature red lip, bouncy blonde curls, and retro '50s finish. Photos obtained by The Daily Mail on Tuesday showed a slightly different Perry.

Viewers Say: 'I'm Sure You All Look Like Victoria's Secret Models'

Katy Perry poses while pregnant
Gettyimages | Getty Images

The comments are interesting – and remarkably uplifting. Snapped carrying her dog and in a low-cut, vintage, and floral-print swimsuit dubbed a "granny" one in a popular comment, Katy had nonetheless gone designer –the bathing suit is Dolce & Gabbana and retails for over $500. The expectant mom whose about-to-pop bump was definitely the focal point was flaunting her healthy pregnancy curves with confidence, also rocking a protective straw hat, shades, gold hoop earrings, and flip-flops. Amazingly, what people wear at the beach.

Over 940 comments have been left. Here are the reactions that might make your quarantine Wednesday feel a bit better.

'There Is A Human In There...She Looks Great'

Katy Perry poses in a red top
Katy Perry/Instagram

Over 2,400 users upvoted a British individual's response, reading: "I'll take a non-airbrushed natural Katy Perry over plastic photoshopped kartrashians any day. People are quick to leave comments slating her appearance and then slate people altering their pictures. Choose a side!"

"There is a human in there," another added, also writing: "She looks great."

Given that so many trolls had dubbed the D&G one-piece "frumpy" and unflattering, one response shot up:

"A woman wears a bikini: wrong. You may not like her but there is nothing wrong with what she is wearing. I'm sure you all look like Victoria's secret models in your suits."

Pregnancy Log Keeping Instagram Entertained

Katy Perry in a hand sanitizer outfit
Katy Perry/Instagram

Katy has not announced when her first child is due – she did, however, recently admit to "learning to be a mom fast" as a result of her COVID-19 lockdown seeing her surrounded by young family. The singer's Instagram has been both showing the bump and hiding it – while latest track "Daisies" sees Katy take it all off in a skimpy white dress, the toilet roll look donned on May 3 as Katy waddled around her balcony concealed it. "@AmericanIdol is on a roll," Katy amusingly wrote, with the video sitting at over 4.8 million views.

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