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Card B looks like a modern day Monroe on Instagram

Cardi B Sucks In Stomach Then Lets It Hang In Smoking Instagram Video

Cardi B / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Cardi B has been a busy girl on social media this past couple of days, debuting her back tattoo, nail art, Birkin bags, and whatnot. She also posted a slew of videos loving her new curvy body, courtesies the quarantine, and her latest Instagram video is as hilarious as they come as she catwalks towards the camera, gives a side pose, and lets the stomach all hang out. Cardi B is completely body confident today, and it shows on her face, her body, and all those fan comments.

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Cardi B Asks For Appreciation, Gets It

Cardi B flaunting a flat stomach pic by sucking it in
Cardi B / Instagram

Cardi B posted this pic on Instagram on Tuesday evening, captioning it, "I suck the shit out my stomach for this pic so appreciated". Fans comments were quick to roll in, with, "I appreciate the caption 😂" while another wrote, "I appreciate the honesty". With 3.3 million likes, it seems fans really do appreciate it, along with appreciating the very honest video she put a while later. She sashays towards the camera and gives a side pose, letting her stomach show in all its "flabbiness". Watch...

Pink Hair, Don't Care

Pink hair looks fantastic on Cardi B
Cardi B / Instagram

This week has certainly been interesting for Cardi B fans, as she took particular care to stick out those fine buns and cheer everyone up. She posted this pic on Monday with the caption, "How y’all doing on this beautiful Monday ?" Natti Natasha replied, "you made it beautiful fo sho". With pink curls cascading down her back and a pink-shaded LV bag beside her skyscraper heels, "one thing about it #cardibiscoming", said another hardcore Cardi B fan.

Back Tat, Birkin & Fashion Nova Promotion

Cardi B with new back tattoo
Cardi B / Instagram

Over the weekend, Cardi B also debuted her brand new back tattoo that extended all the way to her left bun and left thigh in gorgeous florals. While the picture of her was a paid promotion with Fashion Nova swimwear; the blue Birkin bag, and the matching blue hair is what caught the eye of the fans the most, with some 7 million likes already. Tony-nominated singer Antonique Smith wrote in a heartfelt, "You hurtin us sis! Damn!" The tat sits perfectly on an already gorgeous Cardi B...

'Papasoteee' Offset Is Busy Spoiling Cardi B

Cardi B had a happy mother's day indeed with tons of gifts
Cardi B / Instagram

Meanwhile Offset is busy pampering his bae as much as he can, and you only need to look at the Mother's Day gifts for Cardi B that seemed to be full of roses and Birkins and other unopened boxes. Fans were floored by the romance shown, with one writing in, "It’s like you got a single rose for every day of the year! 🙌😍 Well done Offset 👏 👏👏". On the other hand, the recent video Cardi B uploaded of her and Offset dancing, if you can call it that, made people make fun of Offset's moves. Watch.

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