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Jimmy Fallon taping an episode of his talk show

Controversial Hashtag Has Late Night Host Jimmy Fallon Trending For All The Wrong Reasons

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By Ona L

Late Night fans amongst many others are cancelling comedian and talk show host Jimmy Fallon. The former “Saturday Night Live” alum is being blasted online for his use of blackface in an old SNL sketch. The sketch is making the round on the internet again after a brief stint a few years ago. Back in 2018, the clip emerged when Megyn Kelly host of the “The Today Show” stated that she believed it was okay for people to dress up in blackface for Halloween because it apparently it’s not offensive if it’s a costume.

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The Comedian Has Been Called Out Before

Fallon during a visit to the dentist
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The clip also popped up again in 2019 when actor Nick Cannon posted on his IG account a list of white celebrities who have worn blackface. He captioned the post. “Happy ‘BLACKFACE’ History Month!!! ????? I’m sure we can expect some more ‘Apologies’ by Monday…” said the rapper. Unfortunately, for Fallon, this clip is determined to make it into the public eye by any means necessary. #JimmyFallonIsOverParty is trending because of the old sketch and fans are freaking out about it.

#jimmyfallonisoverparty Trends Because Of The Controversial Clip

Fallon taking a selfie backstage of his show
@jimmyfallon Instagram

“I know I did not just open Twitter and see that Jimmy Fallon did blackface in 2000. Nobody is safe from Twitter when we got this much time in our hand. First Lana, then Doja Cat, and now Jimmy Fallon. Please let me catch my breath [sic]. #jimmyfallonisoverparty,” said one Twitter follower. On the other end of the spectrum, fans are claiming that people are taking things too far. One follower of the thread mentioned that not only was this sketch so long ago but that Fallon has done more good than bad in his long career.

Fans Are On Both Sides Of The Fence


“Y’all whack,” said another follower. “How long ago was this? Was this snl? No one can be famous anymore bc we’ve all done something the society of 20years from now doesn’t like?? can we stop with trying to cancel people on their past and focus on the present?” This revelation has dug up another time that fans were supposedly offended by Fallon. The 45-year-old hosted the “Golden Globe Awards” back in 2017 where he famously came on stage and mimicked Chris Rock’s voice. While he wasn’t in blackface, the joke just didn’t sit well with many.

A Few Other Celebs Are Also Under Fire For Similar Reasons

Lana Del Rey taking a bathroom selfie
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A “Vanity Fair” writer said, “It was ugly to watch a white guy imitating a black man’s voice, especially coming from Fallon.” The tone-deaf joke made people uncomfortable but Fallon is not the only celebrity to get themselves into hot water in the racism department. Currently musicians Doja Cat and Lana Del Rey are battling their own accusations of racism. Both are being accused of making racist social media posts with Rey also being accused of “glamourizing abuse” in her music.

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