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Tristan Thompson May Be Exempt From Taking A 2nd DNA Test In Paternity Suit

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Tristan Thompson will stop at nothing to prove that Kimberly Alexander, who is accusing him of allegedly being the father to her 5-year-old son is a fraud. After the DNA results came back negative, Thompson slammed her with a lawsuit, stating that she is looking to soil his name and reputations by calling him the father of her child.

However, Alexander has insisted that the results have been tampered with and the basketball player has to take another one that will not be tampered with.

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She went on to say that there was no way she would accept the negative DNA result because the lab that was used for the test, had been previously used byt Khloe Kardashian and other members of her family.

She went on to say that for this reason, there is a conflict of interest and Thompson is required to submit another DNA to show the world that he is truly the father of her child. Unfortunately for her, another DNA result may not be allowed in court and fans are keeping their hands crossed.

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Two experts have also previewed the case online and they concluded that Alexander has a very high chance of being denied another DNA test. Also, if the court finds Thomspon not guilty, there is no way of knowing what Alexander will have to face for defamation.

The legal representative for Thompson issued a statement recently, where he mentioned that Alexander's claims and request is not only unexpected, it is also not justifiable.

"DNA testing brings about a great amount of grief and stress on the person being tested and if there is a conclusive result, no retest will be allowed. it is also uncommon to dispute DNA tests." The attorney said.

A photo showing Tristan Thompson and an opponent struggling for control over the ball on the court.
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Things may not be looking good for Alexander as the Managing Director in charge of DNA also gave a possible reason why the court will not ask Thompson for a new test. According to the MD, it is almost impossible for the court to dismiss a DNA in place of a new one.

This is because, the results are 99.9% confirmed and any result that comes with it, is the final for the court. There is another theory that may not benefit the mother-of-one in court.

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The MD went on to reveal that whenever the court asks for a DNA, the tests are carried out by specific bodies and handed down a selective chain of command. At the point of testing, legal means of identifications will be required and some other documents to ensure the safety of the test result as soon as it comes out.

This is to curb any form of tampering from any of the parties involved in the lawsuit and make sure that the court rules in favor of the person that deserves it.

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