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A lovely photo of John Lennon sitting on a couch as he plays his guitar.

Remembering the Time John Lennon Threw Shade at Elvis On TV

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By Favour

If there is anything fans remember about John Lennon, it is the fact that he is not one to pull punches. If he does not like something or someone, he would openly say it and there is nothing anyone would have done. In essence, Lennon was the sassy man in pants who would not hesitate to put anyone in his or her place immediately.

However, he was loved by the 60s generation and that is why his death bore a hole in the hearts of so many people.


Lennon's openness extended to anyone, including people he had close relationships with. A long time ago, Lennon and one of the people he considers his idols, Elvis Presley, got into it and without further ado, Lennon said his piece. This time around, he did it on television for everyone including Presley to hear and pay attention to it.

Lennon loved and admired Presley and his song choice. it is also safe to say that Lennon was one of the biggest fans Presley had and fans knew it.

A black and white photo of John Lennon and his colleagues showing off a placard in his hands.
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However, there were some of Presley's songs that did not sit right with "The Beatles" guitarist. He also disclosed his dislike for one of his mentor's songs on television and fans were shocked to their bones.

A report stated that Counting Down Elvis: His 100 Finest Songs, was a compilation made by three songwriters, who helped Presley write songs for his film project. These men include; Florence Kaye, Bill Giant and Bernie Baum. The project was also named "(You're The) Devil In Disguise."

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However, the popularity associated with the project, did not come from the writers, neither did it come from Presley. However, it is centered around a man called John. Another report from Slate revealed that John was a member of a program called "Juke Box Jury," which was founded in 1963.

When Lennon talked about this project, he expressed his total feelings about it and fans respected him for that. On the show, four stars were given the right to listen to and judge the songs one after the other.

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Although the show had quite an audience, Lennon's presence on it sky-rocketed its views immediately. The song that Lennon mostly disliked from the project, talked about a woman who spoke and walked like an angel.

Lennon expressly said that he had a soft spot for Presley, but the song was nothing to write home about and he was convinced.

One of the most memorable things about the song is the beat that Presley used to develop it. Although Lennon did not like the beat too, a lot of people appreciated its sleek form.

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