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Caelynn Miller-Keyes flipping her hair, wearing a brown jacket and black tank top.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes Was ‘Hurt’ When Hannah Brown Was Cast As ‘The Bachelorette’

Caelynn Miller-Keyes/Instagram
By Jordan White

Caelynn Miller-Keyes just admitted she was “hurt” when Hannah Brown was chosen as “The Bachelorette.”

During a recent episode of the “Almost Famous” podcast, the 24-year-old revealed exactly what it felt like losing the role to Brown.

“I remember getting the call that it wasn’t me for Bachelorette and I was like, ‘Dang! That kind of sucks,'" she told Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti.

“And then I found out it was [Hannah] at Women Tell All, we all kind of knew at Women Tell All that it was her. And it hurt. It definitely hurt,” she added.

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Caelynn Miller-Keyes smiling while hanging off a boat.
Caelynn Miller-Keyes/Instagram

In 2019, both Miller-Keyes and Brown competed on Colton Underwood's season of “The Bachelor.”

While on the show, it was revealed the two knew each other from their time competing in beauty pageants. And as you could probably guess, the duo had a rocky history that brought a lot of drama to the reality show.

“It stung and I was upset and I was kind of led to believe that it was mine and then suddenly it wasn’t. It was Hannah’s,” Miller-Keyes admitted. “Looking back on previous seasons, it’s always been in the top four and then to branch out and to pick just hurt.”

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes posing together while smiling on a boat.
Caelynn Miller-Keyes/Instagram

And while neither Miller-Keyes or Brown won Underwood’s season, the former went on “Bachelor in Paradise” where she met Dean Unglert.

The two ended up leaving paradise together and have been an item ever since. In fact, there were rumors the two married after Unglert was spotted wearing what looked to be a wedding band.

That said, Unglert’s been vocal about never wanting to marry. When asked whether marriage was in his future, he said, "That's never going to happen."

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes walking together in elegant wear.
Dean Michael Unglert/Instagram

“I don’t know, I’m super unconventional and she obviously is a little more conventional. We joke around about it. Just try to keep expectations to a minimum, you know? Like I said on the show, under-promise, over-deliver," he told Us Weeekly.

But that was months ago! Recently, Unglert and Miller-Keyes have gone from strength to strength. They even live together in LA.

Unglert's close friend, and fellow "Bachelor" alum, Jared Haibon, thinks he wears the band to show his loyalty.

“I think Dean is just — I think he’s falling more and more in love with her every day,” Haibon told People.

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes playfully kissing.
Caelynn Miller-Keyes/Instagram

“And I really think that’s what the wedding band is about. Truthfully, even as their close friends, we don’t know if they’re married or not. Every time we ask them, he says it with a grin — he’s like, ‘We’re married,'" he continued.

Haibon added, "And so I think the wedding band is a showcase of commitment that Dean wants to show her. I think that’s what it really comes down to.”

So while Miller-Keyes wasn't named "The Bachelorette," it looks like she was successful in love.

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