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A photo showing Taylor Swift in a yellow blouse and rainbow color short on her knees during a performance.

What Happened Between Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun?

Gettyimages | Rich Fury
By Favour

Taylor Swift is an incredible singer with an outstanding world record and one thing she is loved about, is that she knows how to have fun. Aside from that, Swift is loving among her fans because she dedicates herself to her work and that is the inspiration a lot of people in the world need right now.

Although she is a pretty face with a smart head, there is one thing that Swift can never shy away from, and that is speaking her mind.

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A photo showing Scooter Braun with a cute smile on his face, sport a black face-cap and white hoodie at a Netflix sponsored event.
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The singer has been attacked severally by co-stars and fans for her opinions, but none of that has kept her from spilling her guts whenever she wants to. Although she does not really engage in the dramas online, Swift always has a comeback for trolls that come for her and that is why fans adore her.

Speaking of giving comebacks, in the past few months, Swift has done more than give comebacks online to Scooter Braun, her former manager.

Scooter Braun looks incredible in his denim pant, black hoodie and face-cap to match.
Gettyimages | Michael Tran

The feud began when Braun acquired ownership of Swift's former record label known as "Big Machine Records" with $300 million. Automatically, this gave him rights over the singer's first six albums, which is almost her entire career.

When the news came out, Taylor mentioned that she was shocked because she got to know like everyone else in the public.

In November 2019, Swift sent out a statement saying that Braun and the former head of BMR prevented her from singing any of her hit songs at events.

Giphy | Taylor Swift

She insisted that neither of them helped or contributed to writing the songs, so it was not fair that they were trying to exert control.

"All I could think about was the incessant manipulative bullying I've received at his hands for years." Swift wrote.

After Swift told her story online, Braun revealed that he was receiving unending death threats and he decided that he and Swift had a meeting to put the entire matter to rest. Unfortunately, that meeting has not taken place till date and Swift is nowhere near giving up on her hard work.

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