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A lovely photo of Simon Monjack & Brittany Murphy posing for the camera and they look very gorgeous.

More Insights Into The Tragic Deaths Of Simon Monjack & Brittany Murphy

Gettyimages | Michael Bezjian
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The death of Brittany Murphy that took place on December 20, 2009 came as a devastating and shocking experience to thousands of fans all over the world. There were a lot of raised eyebrows as people could not wrap their heads around the fact that a 32-year-old woman suddenly died of pneumonia.

As if that was not enough, her lovely husband, Simon Monjack kicked the bucket due to the same illness few months after the death of his wife. This goes without saying that the death of the couple is one of the strangest Hollywood has seen.

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These strange deaths have passed as unresolved for fans and as months turn into years, new speculations and opinions come regarding the deaths. Since the speculations and theories have not dwindled over the years, a new Investigation Discovery special has been given the chance to look into the death of the Atlanta born actress and her lovely husband.

No one has the slightest inclination as to how and what the discovery will find out since the deaths happened many years ago, but fans are keeping their fingers crossed for now.

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Prior to her death, Murphy was in charge of her husband and mother's care, as they were diagnosed with an infectious respiratory problem. Apparently, they contracted the flu during a trip to San Juan, where Murphy was packed with the responsibility of a PR to shoot a film titled "The Caller."

Unfortunately, Murphy could not complete her assignment because the producers would not have her husband on set, so she left with him and her mother back home to care for them.

A lovely photo of Simon Monjack & Brittany Murphy hugging tightly as they pose for the camera.
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When they got home, Murphy found out that she had gotten the infection, but self-medicated for a few days. When she was no longer improving, her husband, Simon Monjack took her to the hospital for a thorough check-up, but her condition had already deteriorated.

Eventually, she died and the doctors decided to find out what was the cause by conducting an autopsy. However, her husband insisted that the autopsy could not be done because it went against her Jewish faith. The coroner's office in Los Angeles insisted on the autopsy and it was later carried out.

Brittany Murphy looks gorgeous in this photo as she sports a black dress with a huge bow in d=front.
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After enough examination, the coroner concluded that Murphy died of a mixture of anemia and pneumonia, as well as mixtures of medications. It was also revealed that Murphy had a chance of survival if she had been brought to the hospital sooner.

A few months later, the same thing happened with Monjack, but this time, he was in bed at home. Initially, he was accused of withholding medical care for his wife, but the same thing happened to him and that is why fans are still conflicted to date.

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