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NeNe Leakes photographed candidly

'RHOA': NeNe Leakes Reveals That Her 'Reads' Were Scripted

Gettyimages | Noel Vasquez
By Chris Barilla

NeNe Leakes is never one to shy away from some controversy. The 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' veteran star has always been vocal about whatever is on her mind, and that continues into present times, where she had a fiery appearance on the show's reunion special. Leakes had so many well-timed and appropriate reads of her castmates during the taping that it lead​ many fans to speculate that she had to have scripted them beforehand, something the reality star addressed after the fact.

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Many fans took to social media directly following the episode to discuss Leakes and her commentary throughout the reunion, coming to the conclusion that they must have been pre-written​ in order for her delivery to be that apt and concise. Leakes herself took to Twitter to explain the situation, admitting that they were indeed scripted.

"Yes, my reads are written down and rehearsed," she shared with​ her followers, explaining that the iconic quips made throughout the episode were almost entirely premeditated.

NeNe Leakes poses for photographers
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"Remember, I’m elderly, menopausal, and have no f***** memory. In my younger days, I sat on [the] couch and read you b****** from the top of my wig and have the most iconic reads to date," she continued to explain on social media, defending her ability to still come up with quality material off the top of her head.

She then explained how she had endured verbal attacks from costars on 'RHOA' for her choice to walk out during the hit Bravo program's reunion special.

Giphy | Bravo TV

Leakes explained to ET that she akined her note-taking to the likes of Andy Cohen, who behaves similarly to keep track of everything going on between the various castmates.

"For me, it’s just like Andy [Cohen], he has all of his questions written down and I wanted to not forget to ask questions," she began to explain, saying that she chalks her need to write things down preemptively up to a lack of remembering over a lack of being able to create original content.

NeNe Leakes poses for photographers
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"So, it’s not about reading. It was about, I didn’t want to forget to ask certain questions because a lot of times, when I’m with these girls and then I leave, I’m like, dang! I forgot to say that. Oh, I wish I would have said this, or I wish I’d had asked that question," Leakes continued​ to explain during the interview that detailed her controversial departure from the show's finale.

Defending her past famed quips, Leakes listed all the instances she had come up with famous lines in the moment, "I have iconic one-liners that are out there, and I didn’t even try to make it anything, it just became something big."

"The list goes on and on, honey. Girl, bye. The thirst is real. I’m very rich, b***h. Bloop. Close your legs to married men, trash box. I mean, I can go on and on. The door is closed. On and on and on, I’ve said all those things off the top of my wig," she concluded.

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