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Azealia Banks looks incredible on stage during a performance and her smile is infectuous.

Is Azealia Banks More Than A Controversial Subject? Find Out What Her Net Worth Has To Say

Gettyimages | Cassandra Hannagan
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Azealia Amanda Banks was born in New York City, New York, U.S on May 31, 1991. She is a well known as a singer, wrapper and record producer int he industry.

Banks was the youngest child of three girls from a single mother. The trio were bred in Harlem after the painful death of their father, who had pancreatic cancer. Banks was still a child when her father died, but that did not stop her mother from doing the things she did to the singer.

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According to Banks, her father;'s death had barely left her memory, when her mother became emotionally, verbally and physically abusive towards her. She said that sometimes, her mom would hit all three of them with baseball bats and bang them against the wall until they had nothing to do or say.

Furthermore, Banks' also went on to say that her mother always referred to her as 'ugly' whenever she wanted to address her and that contributed to the physical abuse she was always inflicted on Banks and her sisters.

A lovely photo of Azealia Banks rocking a white T-shirt and her smile is beautiful.
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When Banks could no longer take the heat her mother was putting her through, she decided to leave the house and never look back again at age 14.

During this time, Banks was very attracted to the musical theater and singing, which also gave her time to prepare herself for the rest of her life. Two years later, Banks starred in musical for "City Of Angles" and this put her in connection with an agent that was willing to help her achieve her dreams.

Azealia Banks looks fantastic in this photo as she is seen rocking a mini-skirt and blouse during a performance.
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From one project to another, Banks has proved herself worthy of being an amazing singer and songwriter. Also, another thing that Banks has portrayed to everyone who knows her, is that she is a controversial subject. In the past, she has made it a habit to go head-to-head with stars on social media, especially her Twitter account.

The list of people that Banks has had a problem with in the past, include; Lorde, Remy Ma, Elon Musk, Grimes, Nicki Minaj, Sia and so on.


Again, in 2015, Banks inserted herself into a drama on social media when reports confirmed that she confronted a fellow passenger on an airline in Los Angeles.

Some witnesses revealed that Banks was trying her best to force her way through the crowd, but unfortunately, that did not go as planned. This is because a French man intercepted her on the way and they got into it.

Banks may be trouble in some other areas, but her ability to be an outstanding singer is not questionable. Over the course of her career, Banks has an accumulated net worth of $3 million.

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