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Demi Lovato in three different bathing suits

Demi Lovato Spends Her 'Days In A Bathing Suit' Because Of This

Demi Lovato | Instagram
By Alyssa McCraw

Demi Lovato recently became the human version of her hit song "Confident." On Monday, she told us why.

Lovato, 27, comes from a north Texas town called Colleyville. She got her big break from starring in Disney's "Camp Rock" films with the Jonas Brothers, and would later land her own show on the network. Personal struggles came and went as do they for everyone, but Lovato always landed on her feet.

Her performance at January's GRAMMY Awards was her first time on stage since suffering a near-fatal drug overdose in mid-2018. Seven days later, she sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Lovato truly hit the ground running in 2020 as she paved the way for her "comeback" album.

But first, coronavirus.

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Cool For The Quarantine

Demi Lovato kisses boyfriend Max Ehrich
Demi Lovato | Instagram

The former X-Factor judge was able to put out her upbeat self-acceptance anthem "I Love Me" on March 6th. The world started to shut down soon after, but Lovato still released the energizing "I'm Ready" duet with Sam Smith on April 16th.

Since then, she's tried to keep a pretty low profile during self-isolation. The only line she might be blurring here is that her self-isolation turned into an ongoing slumber party - but that's up for interpretation.

Lovato started getting cozy with Emmy nominated actor Max Ehrich at some point in March. Their rapidly escalating relationship has sparked rumors of possible engagement, but nothing has been confirmed.

But all gossip aside, Lovato had a special message for her new-ish beau on Monday night.

Their Latest Insta-Love Letter

Max Ehrich kissing Demi Lovato on the cheek, along with their Instagram Story annotations
Demi Lovato / Max Ehrich | Instagram

To her Instagram Story, the "Sorry Not Sorry" songstress shared a snap of New Jersey native Ehirch kissing her on the cheek, also writing some sweet words below:

"I now spend my days in a bathing suit with no makeup with someone who accepts and loves me for who I am; Flaws and all. I love you @maxehrich ❤️," she said Monday.

The 28-year-old "American Princess" star shared the post on his own Story, adding a few lines of his own:

"Everything about you is beautiful perfection. I love you more than words can express @ddlovato 💗"

Max Might've Manifested This

Max Ehrich in an Instagram Story from Demi Lovato, which she captioned:  "CUTIE 🥰"
Demi Lovato | Instagram

Their Memorial Day gushings came a few days after they'd made a rather startling discovery as a couple.

They think a nine-year-old tweet of Ehrich's is a sign that their whirlwind relationship has been pure fate.

Apparently, Ehrich was feeling blue the day after Christmas in 2011. His reasoning was that a certain pop star was not amongst the gifts under his tree:

"All I wanted for Christmas was Demi Lovato. #cantalwaysgetwhatyouwant....."

Lovato brought this to the public's attention via her Friday Instagram Story.

Joint-Quarantine Has Refocused Her

Demi Lovato, in sweatpants, takes a mirror selfie while brushing her teeth
Demi Lovato | Instagram

The larger of Lovato's messages read, "We love a little manifestation ✨🥰," her smaller one asking, "@maxehrich every Christmas? 🥰"

Lovato looks to believe she's in good hands, and it looks like their couple's quarantine gave her a major perspective shift.

Over the weekend the "Heart Attack" artist told author/friend Alok Vaid-Menon that she is now "so ok without the opinions of other people."

"I don't care what anyone thinks of me. I didn't spend this quarantine trying to lose weight or write a best selling book or doing things that weren't as important to me anymore," the singer explained.

Lovato, who has openly struggled with eating disorders most of her life, used to take business meetings at the gym in between rigorous workouts.

She's 'More Confident' Than She 'Was Back Then'

Demi Lovato takes a mirror selfie in a hotel during the "Confident" era
Demi Lovato | Facebook

This was when she wrote 2015's "Confident," telling Billboard at the time that she hoped her song would prove that "you can go from being very insecure with body image issues to feeling so proud of your body that you want to show it to the world."

But that's wasn't the truth. She cleared things up while appearing on Miley Cyrus'' "Bright Minded" show last month:

"My message was that I was so confident. But in reality I was working out so much and eating such a strict diet that I wasn’t confident. And now I feel like I’m more confident than I was back then."

"I might be heavier than I was," Lovato added, "but I’m more confident - and that’s better to me. I would take that over being thinner and miserable any day.”

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