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Michael B. Jordan looks dashing in this well-fitted red suit with a white inner T-shirt.

The Only Problem Fans Have With Killmonger, Might Be The Actor Who Starred In The Role

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By Favour

When it comes to making villains and heroes, Marvel has the best way of coming up with the best ideas. All over the world, there are fans who cannot wrap their heads around the amazing stories that the network is able to put together and keep them glued to their screens.

Also, of the 23 film releases that Marvel has done in the past 13 years, not one has fallen through the tracks and be labelled an embarrassment to the network. In other words, when it comes to Marvel putting stories together, they are definitely at their best game.

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A photo of Michael B. Jordan taken at an event and he has on a black sweatshirt with a dinosaur image on it.
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However, being able to put scripts together to make an amazing appearance on the big screen does not mean that viewers will always be pleased with your choices. One of the most amazing releases that Marvel had in 2018, is the release of "Black Panther."

A lot of focused was placed on this movie because fans were looking to see how the network will make an example out of this movie and to a reasonable extent, they did. Not only did viewers enjoy what they got to watch, they also had almost a lot of good things to say about it.

Michael B. Jordan looks stunning in his blue-black suit and dark grey pant at an event.
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Speaking of almost, fans may like one superhero over the other because of the actors that play those roles, but that does not mean they would be that susceptible to actors who play the villain. When it comes to the Black Panther film, there are a lot of things that fans have to say, especially about the character and the man playing the character villain.

The movie centers around king of Wakanda known as T'Challa and a villain known as Killmonger, who also happens to be the king's cousin.


Killmonger's aim in the film was to come in and swoop his cousin's authority away before he could say anything to defend himself and he was almost successful with it. However, while fans were supposed to love this character because he almost became the owner of an empire without even working for it, they cannot stand him.

Now, this brings up the concern about whether fans are really upset about the villain in the film or the actor who played the role, which is Michael B. Jordan.

A photo of Michael B. Jordan smiling beautifully at an event.
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Over the course of the release of the film, Marvel's fan-base has often wondered if Jordan was the perfect man for the job after all. They also think that he may not have judiciously executed his villain traits the way he ought to have. But again, is this really about a villain, or the American producer himself.

When it comes to wanting a dream and stopping at nothing to get it, Jordan did that with his role in Black Panther because he has always wanted to play a villain. Although he has had an outstanding record as an actor and producer, fans are still not convinced that he was the man for the job.

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