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Paris Hilton poses in a rose petal look

Paris Hilton Told Nude Petal Photos 'Not How' Memorial Day Is Marked

Paris Hilton/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Paris Hilton took less than an hour to be told she "didn't get the memo" today. The 39-year-old former reality star and socialite took to her Instagram on Monday to mark Memorial Day with a patriotic post that featured the U.S. flag and a sky backdrop showing an airplane display of thanks – while the colors and the caption gave a nod to fallen soldiers, the skimpy rose-petal look seeing "The Simple Life" star going down the bikini route proved ill-received amid some of her 12.1 million followers.

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'This Is Not How You Wish Someone Happy Memorial Day'

Paris Hilton poses in a rose petal look for Memorial Day
Paris Hilton/Instagram

Paris' post, which came with her signature video edit, clocked over 100,000 likes in two hours. It came with the heiress and DJ's likewise-trademark glossy finish as she posed seductively and on her knees from a sea of red rose petals that also formed a two-piece protecting her modesty. Bombshell retro curls, a bold red lip, and heart-shaped diamond earrings completed the look as Paris wrote: Wishing everyone a happy #MemorialDay. 🇺🇸🇺🇸👸🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸. Comments deeming the photo inappropriate came fast.

"It's veterans day not Paris Hilton day didn't you get the memo," one user wrote.

'It's Not Paris Hilton Day, It's Memorial Day'

Paris Hilton poses in lingerie
Paris Hilton/Instagram

Paris' post came amid a giant influx of celebrity updates marking Memorial Day. Stars including 50-year-old singer Jennifer Lopez and actress Reese Witherspoon had gone down the flags and thanks route, with Paris' criticism coming amid the standard gushing – the 2000s starlet may be approaching 40, but she hasn't lost her fans.

"No Paris this is not how you wish someone a Memorial Day," one user wrote, with others agreeing. "I love you Paris, But it's not happy, it's solemn," another wrote.

Then Again, Gets Called An 'Icon'

Paris Hilton poses in the street wearing a short skirt
Gettyimages | BG024/Bauer-Griffin

Paris – whose celebrity appeal rendered her sufficiently in demand to attend a virtual dinner party featuring Britney Spears recently – was, however, sent the thumbs-up by many fans.

"❤️❤️Happy Memorial Day beautiful thought This was Marilyn Monroe for a second," one user wrote. Paris was also called "the icon of all icons" – she followed her post up by another showing her in a skimpy lingerie look with high-heeled boots as the U.S. flag backdrop returned, with the blonde dubbing herself #MemorialDayBabe.

Just Revealed Fans Could Stay In Her Houe

Paris Hilton poses in a pink top
Paris Hilton/Instagram

Paris, now DJ-ing full-time and having made headlines as far back as 2014 for charging $1 million a set, recently opened up to New! Magazine, revealing that she was happy to open her home to fans prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. "I consider my fans my little brothers and sisters. They call themselves the Little Hiltons," she said, adding:

"The relationship we have is so amazing. I've actually had some of them come and stay. Anywhere I go around the world, I make sure they're there because it gets a little lonely just travelling and being by myself

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