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Yalitza Aparicio looks stunning in this photo showing her dressed in a silver dress with a side slit at an event.

Yalitza Aparicio Reminisces On Her Racism Experiences After 'Roma' Landed An Oscar Nomination

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Yalitza Aparicio is an epitome of a the real struggle that people face and that is why she is loved throughout the world. Her outstanding performance in Alfonso Cuaron's movie titled "Roma" made her a force with be reckoned with in the industry.

She not only made a name for herself in the industry through this movie, she also turned a Spanish depiction of the lifestyle of a house-help into one of the most loved and cherished movies of the year.

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Roma also bagged several accolades in the industry including the Academy and Oscar awards. The movie aimed at depicting the lifestyle of several Mexicans in their city and how they go through every day as a struggle.

While Aparicio's path to stardom has been written in the sands of time, it has not always been rosy for her since the film started getting the recognition it deserved. This is why she opened up to New York Times about her experiences with racism as soon as Roma was nominated for an Oscar award.

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The NYT op-ed that she wrote became public on Saturday and it was used as a focus for the relevance of art. In the op-ed, Aparicio explained that she never believed that one movie could cause social awareness and change in such a short time, She also went on to say that suddenly, people in her home country, Mexico, started talking about issues that were usually termed as forbidden to speak about.

Some of these issues that were raised include; racism, gender discrimination, discrimination of indigenous communities."


More importantly, Aparicio said that more people became open to the idea of domestic workers knowing their rights. For many years, domestic workers have had to dance to the tunes of discrimination from their employers or government officials, who believe that they should not have a say in whatever happens to them or their needs.

However, Aparicio also revealed that the kind of discrimination that Roma challenged caused issues for her in real life. This happened after she got the award for Best Actress at the Academy Award event.

A photo showing Yalitza Aparicio, Nicole Kidman and another woman engaging in a discussion at an event.
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She said that several racist comments began to circulate the internet and some users boldly criticized her for being nominated in the first place. She also said that some of these racists condemned her for her ethnic background.

"An indigenous woman was not a worthy representative of the country." She said.

Aparicio ranks second on the list of Indigenous American women to win Best Actress at the Oscars. The first woman was Salma Hayek and she got the award for her incredible performance in a film titled "Frida."

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