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A lovely photo showing Amanda Bynes smiling beautifully as she poses for the camera.

Amanda Bynes Is Back After Extensive Treatment For Mental health Issues, Claims To Be 'Back On Track'

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Amanda Bynes is getting her groove on and taking life one step at a time. The Nickelodeon child-star has been through a lot over the years; ranging from her fall out with her fans, accusations against her parents and controversial statements on social media.

However, in all this, the actress has been open about her mental health Issues and has sought help on several occasions, but none seemed to be working. Before now, Bynes became the topic of the internet when she reflected on her past comments about Drake on Twitter.

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She also revealed during that time that she was getting married and she was very happy to be moving forward with her life. This was an amazing revelation for fans as they had been hoping that the 34-year-old would find a way to work through her problems and eventually settle down.

Initially, when Bynes revealed that she was making plans to get married, she refrained from disclosing the name of her alleged part her, but fans were still happy for her because it had been a long time coming and she deserved the best.

A photo showing Amanda Bynes walking down a red carpet dressed in a red low-cut dress and black heels.
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Unfortunately, after a while, there was a rumor circulating on social media, which insisted that Bynes was lying about getting married. In days, the rumors turned to allegations and Bynes denied lying about her relationship.

After this, she decided to stay off the radar and focus on her health. She also announced that she was working to straightening out her mental issues and in no time, she would be fine again.

Well, the long awaited day has come and Bynes is back with a large smile on her face.

Amanda Bynes looks incredible in this mini purple dress, paired with a black clutch at an event.
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The onetime child-star recently took to her Instagram page and posted a selfie and attached a mind-blowing caption to it. In her caption, Bynes explained how she had been spending the past two months of her life and where it has led to. She mentioned that she had to take classes online to help her through her mental issues and make her want to be herself again.

She also revealed that she has started putting some plans in place to start something worthwhile for herself.


"Looking forward to starting my online store in the future #goals." She said.

In the past, when Bynes was at the peak of her career, she revealed that she no longer wanted to be in the acting business, therefore, she decided to quit. This was quite painful for a lot of fans because they had to live with not watching her incredible skills on the big screens again. However, the actress made her choice and there was nothing anyone could do.

Now, she has decided on a different career path and everyone is thrilled for her. Also, she is walking down the aisle very soon, so watch out. Goodluck Amanda Bynes!

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