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Fans Come To Hilary Duff's Defense Over Baseless & Absurd Accusations

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Hilary Duff was recently accused of being part of a child sex trafficking ring in a string of baseless and dangerous allegations from Internet trolls. The accusations kicked off when an alleged nude photo appearing to be Duff's son circulated the internet.

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Fans believe that the rumors are a conspiracy theory to bring down the actress and they will not give in. Social media is a difficult place to prevail on most topics, because one time, people love you for everything you are and the next minute, they're only interested in bringing you down.

For someone like Duff, the internet is truly one of the strangest and most dangerous place to be, but after all had been said an done, this is how it all went down,

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A Twitter user shared a thread of several pictures allegedly taken from Duff's Instagram story and accused her of child sex trafficking. Although the tweet has since been deleted, it has left a lasting impact on fans and non-fans of the actress.

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Although the post was deleted immediately, some users had already made screenshots that went viral. Again, the user claimed that Duff's ex-husband, Mike Comrie, has been trying his best to get custody of their son. It's unclear if any of those allegations are true.

After all the allegations had played out, some fans took to Instagram to slam the actress, but her die-hard fans came to her aid. Many of her friends also rescinded the allegations made against the 28-year-old and showed her support all the way.

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