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Jennifer Aniston looks gorgeous in this fish-style silk white dress at the Screen Actors Guild Awards event.

Brad Pitt Once Pushed Jennifer Aniston Over The Edge & Was Slammed For Being Insensitive

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These days, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have become close friends. This did not come as a shock to anyone because fans never really wanted their relationship to be over. However, the duo have made it clear that they are good friends and that is all there is to their recent closeness.

Over the years, a lot of things have happened between Aniston and Pitt and while they decided to move on from the hurt and pain, it is still one of the reasons why they regard each other as friends today.

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A photo showing Brad Pitt being interviewed by a reporter at an event.
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Their romantic relationship kicked off in the 90s and they decided to take it a step further by getting married. At that time, whoever loved Aniston, definitely adored Pitt; so in no time, they were Hollywood's power couple. Fans not only loved this union, they also loved the couple and everything about them. However, their marriage was short-lived and that hurt a lot of fans.

Pitt was involved in an alleged affair that caused their relationship to go down the drain and eventually led to their divorce.

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They did not only get divorced, Aniston and Pitt decided to stay away from each other for a decade. During this time, they never spoke about each other and moved on to be with other people.

Fast forward to 2005, Aniston filed for a divorce and although in her reason, she never mentioned any affair, fans were certain that the couple were only getting a divorce because of Pitt's suspicious relationship with Angelina Jolie.

Pitt would now later marry Jolie and adopt six beautiful children.

An amazing photo showing Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston getting acquainted again after many years at an event.
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Prior to their divorce, Aniston was called in for an interview to talk about her marriage which was on the brink of a divorce. At this point, she was still coming to terms with the pain and hurt she was facing, so she reacted in that way during the interview.

While the conversation ongoing, Aniston commented on Pitt and Jolie's magazine shoot saying;

"Is it odd timing. Yeah, but it's not my life. He makes his choices. He can do whatever. We're divorced and you can see why." She said.


Furthermore, Aniston was asked by the interviewer if she knew anything about Pitt's alleged affair with Jolie. She responded by saying that she had no idea what really happened to their marriage and she would not be surprised by the allegations. However, she chose to believe everything he told her.

After the divorce with Aniston was in motion, Pitt and Jolie revealed to the public that they were romantically involved. In 2014, they got married, but filed for a divorce in 2016 and are now co-parenting their six children.

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