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Alexandra Daddario poses on a boat

Alexandra Daddario Shows Off Her Lemons In Bathrobe From A Tree

Alexandra Daddario/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Alexandra Daddario has clocked herself over 1.4 million likes for reminding Instagram that sometimes, life literally gives you lemons. The "True Detective" actress whose red swimsuit hot tub video went viral back in April shouted out summer ahead of the weekend, letting her 15.9 million followers in on her quarantine activities.

Alexandra, 34, delivered literal lemons – almost more than she could hold –, plus fierce beauty, and her fanbase seemed perfectly content for the New Yorker not to be lifting her shirt, per "True Detective's" full-frontal and nude Episode 2 moment.

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Getting Fruity On Instagram

Alexandra Daddario in a hot tub
Alexandra Daddario/Instagram

Alexandra's posts came in three parts – a double-whammy pre- and post-picking session, plus a separate shot of the blue-eyed beauty amid the citrus orchard. While one set showed the "Baywatch" face stylishly outfitted in a sleeveless red dress, Daddario's picking moment came swimsuit-clad as the star was shot far out, right up a tree, and barefoot – a skimpy bathrobe here was worn open as the actress held her dog.

Daddario took less than an hour to be called: "You dreamy thing."

'You Always Have Something In Your Smile' – Fans Go Wild

Alexandra Daddario poses outdoors with lemons
Alexandra Daddario/Instagram

Keep scrolling for the tree shot. Comments came in fast for this one.

"When life gives you lemons then you'll have lemons and lemons are neat lemons lemons" proved the most popular comment, clocking over 290 likes.

"You have always something in your smile and your look,i don't know what but it like angel, il wish you the best Alex 😉," another wrote.

Despite a NSFW reputation for that nude scene, Daddario's Instagram remains remarkably clean – the spicy hot tub swimsuit video posted to kick off the star's YouTube series – now boasting over 34,000 followers – has not been shared to her Instagram.

Topless 'True Detective' Seen Has Own Subreddit

Alexandra Daddario poses in a tree wearing a robe
Alexandra Daddario/Instagram

There's definitely an obsession with Daddario, now set to partner with South African actress Charlize Theron to fight domestic violence. Alexandra has her own subreddit, but so does her famous topless scene, with over 62,000 users subscribed to what is effectively a repeat string of images and videos showing the NSFW moment.

Less about the cleavage and more about the greater good, Daddario's recent headline-making now sees her painted as a do-gooding pioneer: "As a victim of domestic violence in the past, I know first hand the fear and pain of being trapped in a situation you cannot get out of," she told Haute Living.

'Understood' Why The Nudity Was 'Required'

Alexandra Daddario poses
Alexandra Daddario/Instagram

Speaking back in 2014 about her infamous scene, Daddario told MTV:

"I think one thing about this role for me was that it was a huge challenge for me, and I saw it as a good challenge. I saw it as an interesting challenge."

"I really wanted to be part of the show, and I understood why the nudity and all of that was required of the character... The character is really different from anything that I've done before. The nudity was just part of that," she added.

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