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Notorious B.I.G.

How Did Notorious B.I.G.'s Children Turn Out?

Gettyimages | Al Pereira
By Clarissa Wilson

Notorious B.I.G., whose real name was Christopher Wallace was shot and killed in 1997 when he was only 24-years-old. He left a wife, singer Faith Evans Where are his son and daughter now that they are all grown up? How did they turn out after losing their famous rapper father at such young ages?

Biggie Smalls, another name for The Notorious B.I.G., had a three-year-old daughter and a five-month-old son he left behind when he was shot and killed in a drive by shooting.

Notorious B.I.G's daughter, T'yanna
T'yanna Dream Wallace/Instagram

His daughter, T'yanna Dream Wallace, is the older of the two children. She is now 26-years-old. She has grown to be a young and talented business-woman and clothing designer. She has her own clothing line she named Notoriouss Clothing, after her father's legacy.

T'yanna said she wanted to do something to keep her dad's legacy alive but isn't into music. She said, "The Wallace name is big, I’m not gonna lie… I try to just continue the legacy. That’s why I started my clothing line dedicated to him… I’m not into music, I don’t rap or anything, so I was like, let me do something that I love dedicated to him."

T'yanna Dream Wallace
T'yanna, Biggie Smalls Daughter/Instagram

T'yanna and her younger brother have two different mother's. T'yanna's mom is Jan Jackson who dated Biggie Smalls. According to iHeartRadio, T'yanna started getting into fashion in high school. She told iHeartRadio during their interview, "Each and every piece [of Notoriouss clothing] is designed by me." She also told the radio station that, on the anniversary of her dad's death, she marks that day with a special limited edition item.

She said, "I’ll do a collab with another artist, and we'll do a T-shirt together that usually has an image of my dad on it, something that has to do with him."

Notorious Clothing by T'yanna Dream Wallace
T'yanna Dream Wallace/ Instagram

She continued, "I'm proud of him for leaving the legacy for himself at such a young age. I feel like that's really hard to do… To almost still be a household name is really amazing."

As for Biggie' youngest child, and only son, Christopher George Latore Wallace Jr, also known as C. J. Wallace, he was much younger when his father was killed, at only five-months-old. C. J is now 23 and is also keeping his dad's legacy alive. However, instead of becoming a rapper like his late father, he became an actor.

C. J Wallace Jr and his mom, Faith Evans
ComeThinkBig/ Instagram

His first role was playing a younger version of his father in the biopic, Notorious in 2009. He also played in the TV version of the famous horror movie, Scream.

C. J Jr. is also a businessman and founded and runs the cannabis company he named, Think Big a business he named and started to keep his dad's legacy alive.

C. J Jr. started his business in 2019. The company's Instagram bio reads it's, "leading a social movement challenging humans to discover how plant-based products can be used for curiosity, creativity, contemplation, and healing."

Notorious B.I.G.

C. J. also created a separate brand that he named after his dads alter ego, Frank White. This separate brand consists of just about everything including health and wellness, music, apparel, accessories, and more. C. J. also sells memorabilia of his rapper father.

C. J. also said that, although he wanted to keep his dads legacy alive, he never wanted to do so with music. However, he did hear about unreleased music that Notorious B.I.G. made before his death and he said it would be nice to do something creative with it. But not with music.

Biggie Smalls widow and his two children celebrated the late rappers birthday, which was May 21. They all paid a tribute to him on Instagram by posting their own personal messages about how much they love and miss him.

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