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Two Years After Split, Everyone Is Still Talking About John Cena And Nikki Bella

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By Carol Cassada

It's been two years since Nikki Bella announced she and John Cena had decided to part ways.

The couple's break up sent shockwaves across the wrestling and entertainment community.

Nikki and John were a power couple both in and out of the ring. Both stars were at the top of their game when it came to wrestling and achieving mainstream success.

Everyone was happy to see that the two were finally settling down, then they stunned fans with their split.

Even though the two have since moved on, people can't stop talking about the former couple.

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Relationship History


Dating rumors about John and Nikki began in 2012 after he was photographed escorting her to her high-school reunion.

Months earlier Cena had finalized his divorce from his wife of nearly three years Elizabeth Huberdeau.

Fans were surprised to see Cena in a relationship so soon, and he and Nikki didn't waste any time in going public.

After confirming their relationship, the couple would then sign on to become part of the E! reality series "Total Divas."

Fans quickly got a look at what home life was like for Nikki and John.

John lived a lavish lifestyle in his Florida mansion with his expensive cars and a closet full of designer suits. He loved showering Nikki with gifts including designer handbags and a Range Rover.

However, viewers then saw another side of Cena they weren't used to.

After Nikki moved in with him, Cena asked her to sign a 75 page legal document protecting his assets should they break up.

Nikki along with viewers were appalled by Cena's request, but that wouldn't be the only thing the couple disagreed on.

Throughout the course of the series, Nikki and Cena often discussed marriage and children.

Nikki wanted to be a wife and mother. However, John made it clear he didn't want to marry again and had no interest in being a dad.



For years, "Total Divas" fans watched as Nikki and John continued their discussion over whether marriage and kids were in their future.

Both viewers and Nikki's family believed she was giving up her dreams in order to make John happy.

Even though Nikki said she was happy if she never got married or had kids, deep down she still wanted both.

As for Cena, even though he was adamant in his stance, it seemed like he was slowly changing his mind. When he told Nikki he was willing to discuss the possibility of marriage, she was stunned by his declaration.

At WrestleMania 34, John and Nikki teamed up in a match against The Miz and Maryse. After scoring a victory, Cena got down on one knee and proposed to Nikki.

No Happy Ending

Nikki and John's WrestleMania engagement was one of the most-talked about moments in sports and entertainment history.

The couple already received a lot of media attention, but it increased following their engagement.

Everyone wanted to know details about the upcoming wedding for wrestling's power couple.

Fans were excited to see Nikki and John walk down the aisle. They were thrilled Nikki was finally going to have her dream, and that Cena was ready to settle down.

However, in April 2018, Nikki revealed that she and John had ended their relationship.

Their split came weeks before the two were reportedly set to marry.

With the breakup announcement, everyone wanted to know what went wrong, and thanks to "Total Bellas" they got to see what happened.

As Nikki was shopping for bridal dresses, she admitted she wasn't experiencing the same joy that other brides do.

Even though John agreed to the marriage, he still was uncertain about children, which is what Nikki wanted.

Realizing that she wasn't ready for marriage and that she and John still disagreed on children, Nikki decided to end the relationship.

Moving On

Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff

Following their break up, rumors of a reconciliation swirled around John and Nikki.

John seemed heartbroken about the split and was trying to win Nikki back. However, no reunion would take place.

In January 2019, Nikki began dating her "Dancing with the Stars" partner Artem Chigvintsev. After nearly 10 months of dating, the two became engaged in November during a trip to Paris.

Then in January 2020, Nikki announced that both she and her sister Brie were pregnant.

Bella fans were ecstatic upon hearing the news that Nikki was going to be a wife and mother.

As for Nikki's ex, John eventually moved on with his life.

In the spring of 2019, he began dating Shay Shariatzadeh, an engineer from Vancouver. Cena and Shay met while he was filming his movie "Playing with Fire."

John has kept his relationship with Shay private, although she has accompanied him on the red carpet to a few of his movie premieres.

Are John And Nikki Friends?

Gettyimages | Steve Granitz

It's been a little over two years since John and Nikki's split, and both have moved on with their lives.

However, with them once being wrestling's power couple, fans still talk about their relationship.

Their relationship has gotten a lot more attention thanks to the release of Nikki and Brie's memoir "Incomparable."

Nikki does talk about her relationship with Cena and again focuses on how they disagreed over marriage and children, which ultimately led to their break up.

Even though they're no longer together, Nikki and Cena were a huge part of each other's lives, and they'll never forget the relationship they once had.

Fans are wondering if the two exes are friends, and while neither has commented on it, it looks like they're not.

Following the break up, Cena posted on inspiration quotes on social media, some of which were about broken hearts.

Also, Cena did read an advance copy of Nikki's book and was allowed to edit out any parts that made him look bad.

As for Nikki, she's now focusing on her new fiance and baby on the way. She's stated she's tired of living in John's shadow and wants to live her own life.

However, in the past fans believed she's thrown shade towards her ex due to her social media posts.

While it looks like John and Nikki aren't on friendly terms, fans will never forget their relationship or the memorable moments the two provided over the years.

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