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Bella Thorne Has A Leggy Question For Fans On Instagram

Gettyimages | Mondadori Portfolio
By Rima Pundir

On Thursday, Instagram was shaken as the once demure Ms. CeCe Jones of the Disney show "Shake It Up" asked them a direct question. 22-year-old Bella Thorne shed all goody-goodness when she turned 18 to become a "bad girl" on social media and wants fans to answer: "What % of my body are legs?" To us, they may seem endless, but Bella wants a number put to them, and is pretty vocal about it too as she also wrote, "everyone says its 60%". Do fans agree?

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In Latest Instagram Post, Thorne Forgot Her Pants

Bella Thorne in an pant-less Instagram selfie

On Thursday, Thorne posted a picture of her wearing black blouse with teeny black panties, forgetting to wear her pants in a bid to capture her endless legs. Fans came up with all sorts of fun numbers including Travis Barker who upped the number to a cool 70%. Wonder what boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo has to say to that? Other fans were a bit more vocal in their approval, giving her numbers like 80% and even 101%, though the latter would make her an alien!

Of Course, Her Legs Aren't Her Only Asset

Bella Thorne sunning in a bikini at home
Bella Thorne / Instagram

Bella Thorne was apparently bored out of her mind two weeks back and decided to do bikini selfies for her and her fans' entertainment. This picture came with the caption: "ITS A HOT SATURDAY 💦 nothing else to do but to do this ^^ so here I am. Doing this."
Fans responded with comments like "Urgh, you are gorgeous, woooow." while another one lamented, "abs, in quarantine?". To top it, Thorne did a little jig in a bikini as well, playing below.

Thorne's Homies Are As Hot As Her

Bella Thorne with her three BFFs
Bella Thorne / Instagram

Thorne also took to Instagram to give a shout out to her friends, who have been besties with her for the past ten years, and wished the twins: Michella Yarnell and Alexa Yarnell a very happy birthday as well. Bella Pendergast was the fourth girl in the picture as all four got down on hands and knees with the twins on top of the two Bellas. Wearing bikinis and happy smiles, the foursome looked pretty carefree. Meanwhile, Bella is still moping for her Italian boyfriend...

Thorne's Boyfriend Finds Her Girlfriend "Cute"

Bella Thorne with boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo
Bella Thorne / Instagram

Thorne is currently dating singer Benjamin Mascolo though she came out as a bisexual in 2016 and even had a not-so-secret crush on Kristen Stewart. While she misses her "Italian rockstar" because of the quarantine and travel restrictions, Thorne is also seeing Alex Martini, a somewhat camera-shy girl that Mascolo finds "very cute". Since Thorne is all about being comfortable in her skin which automatically translated to being stupid sexy in her case, she is cool with letting the world know what she likes, and who she loves.

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