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'Friends' Created Some Of Your Favorite Phrases

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By A. Elise

The sitcom "Friends" has made quite a mark on the world. One need only watch a couple episodes of the show to see iconic characters and storylines. Little did many viewers know at the time, but the show has also shaped the way we use language. The show, which featured 10 seasons, has introduced some words and phrases into the vernacular.

Even if you have never seen an episode of "Friends," there is a good chance that you have heard or even used one of these very common phrases from the show.

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Going Commando

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"Going commando" is one of those phrases that has entered modern lexicon, but many people do not know about its origin. While the origins of the phrase are largely unknown, the first documented use was on an episode of "Friends" called "The One Where No One's Ready" (season 3, episode 2).

In the episode, Joey says that he is "going commando" to mean that he is not wearing underwear. He says he's "not going to go commando in another man's fatigues" about wearing a rented tuxedo.

How you doin'?

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One of the most common phrases from the show? "How you doin'?"

The line comes from Joey, and it's a classic. Joey likes to break out his signature line to pick up women throughout the series. Is it cheesy? Sure. Is it effective? For Joey, it appears to be. After all, he had many romantic partners over the course of the 10 seasons.

Of course, it's about much more than the line itself. It's about how you say the line. Without Joey's iconic delivery, it may not have been so helpful.

We were on a break!

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“We were on a break!” Any "Friends" fan can hear Ross shrieking these words throughout the course of the series. In fact, this statement is the basis of one of the biggest debates in the show's history: were Ross and Rachel on a break?

"The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break" (season 3, episode 15) provides the first rumblings of trouble in paradise. When Rachel suggests they take a break, Ross interprets her words differently. He assumes the two are broken up and sleeps with somebody else. This iconic line is the result.

That is brand new information!

"Friends" cast members on set
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Phoebe's most iconic line may very well be, "That is brand new information!" When Phoebe says it, it is when she pretends to find out that Rachel is pregnant with Ross' baby. She already knew, and her delivery is stellar at conveying everything she is thinking.

Which character had the most catch phrases? It's hard to say. Ross, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel each brought something unique to their characters, including fun words, phrases, and intonations. Many fans are hoping to hear more about their favorite phrases at the upcoming "Friends" reunion.

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