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What Will Happen In The Next Season Of Total Bellas?

Gettyimages | ANGELA WEISS
By Carol Cassada

The season five finale of "Total Bellas" is set to air on June 4th.

This season has been filled with plenty of memorable moments from The Bella Twins and their men.

Tears were shed and a lot of arguing took place, but there are happy moments ahead as Nikki and Brie receive unexpected news.

For fans of the show, there's good news to report another season of "Total Bellas" is coming.

Nikki and Brie confirmed the news during a chat with Maria Menounos.

Despite being in quarantine, a crew has been around the Bella household to film footage for the upcoming season.

With production underway, fans are curious about what's going to happen next season.

So let's take a look at some storylines the show could focus on.

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Being Quarantined

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many people to go into quarantine to keep themselves healthy and safe.

With a crew being near Brie and Nikki's homes in Phoenix, Arizona; they're bound to have captured many good moments with the family.

Nikki and Artem live next door to Brie and Bryan, so the group often hangs out together.

While Brie says she loves having Nikki next door and spending time with her during quarantine, as fans have seen in the past the sisters do have their moments.

Odds are at least one argument between the twins took place at some point.

Brie And Bryan's Marriage


Brie and Bryan are a beloved couple by wrestling fans and "Total Bellas" viewers.

Fans have watched as the two married, became parents, and dealt with balancing their careers and parenthood.

But this season, viewers saw the couple in a different light.

Brie and Bryan are known to be a peaceful couple, who is supportive of each other. However, in recent episodes have been experiencing marital problems.

Despite trying for another baby, Brie confessed to Bryan she wasn't sure if she wanted another child.

Another tense moment had the couple arguing about PDA and not spending any time together.

These moments has fans concerned about the state of their marriage and with baby number two on the way, there's concern that will add more stress tot heir relationship.

Nikki And Artem's Wedding Plans


After her break up with John Cena, Nikki found love again with her "Dancing With the Stars" partner Artem Chigvintsev.

The two began dating in early 2019 and by November were engaged.

During his season on "Total Bellas," viewers have watched as Nikki and Artem's relationship continued to grow.

There were lots of cute moments with the two, especially Artem trying on Nikki's ring gear. But they did have their share of problems too.

One scene had Artem getting angry when he thought Nikki was flirting with another man.

The pair patched things up and began talking about the future. In upcoming episodes, fans will get a look at the Paris proposal.

With the two engaged and about to become parents, next season will be sure to concentrate on their relationship.

While fans love Artem, they're worried that Nikki's fears will prevent her from walking down the aisle.

Next season fans should find out what the couple's plans are when it comes to a wedding.


Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff

In January, Brie and Nikki stunned fans when they announced they were both pregnant.

The sisters are due within weeks of each other and it came as a shock to both of them.

While Brie and Bryan were debating on having another child, Nikki was weighing her options.

Nikki has expressed her desire to be a mother, yet with her busy career she felt the time wasn't right and planned to freeze her eggs.

However, she and Artem were soon in for a surprise when they found out they were expecting.

This season shows the sisters' reactions upon discovering they're both pregnant.

Brie and Nikki have kept fans updated throughout their pregnancies, and they're sure to reveal more during the next season.

Plus, fans may also get to see the births of the babies on television just like Birdie's was shown.

Viewers have already gotten a glimpse of what Brie's like as a mother, but it's going to be interesting to see how Nikki handles motherhood.

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