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Kaley Cuoco poses at an event

Kaley Cuoco Stuns In Total Slob Mode From Her Bed To Show Instagram What She's Like '24/7'

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco has been updating Instagram from her bed – complaining, yes, but with a solution. The "Big Bang Theory" actress whose mid-March move into her new $12 million Hidden Hills estate has since been topped by her giving her "TODAY" interview from her car and in a bathrobe posted new stories on Wednesday night.

Kaley, 34, was solo, in bed, looking drop-dead gorgeous, and indulging in white wine as she shared the agony her body is in every day. "This is me, 24/7," she said as she outlined a solution to sore muscles.

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Uses This While Watching TV, 'Apparently While Drinking Wine'

Kaley Cuoco poses with coffee and her dog
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley – generally known for the Amazon nightgowns she's considered an "Amazon essential" – was rocking the slob look. Like a boss. The girl behind Penny had filmed herself in a slouchy white t-shirt, dark sweats with tie-dye blue details, and her signature scruffy top knot bun – zero makeup, zero accessories. There was, however, a giant blue foam roller, which Kaley dedicated her video to.

"So, I don't know if you guys get major muscle soreness," Kaley began, adding that hers was "definitely from horseback riding and training."

'This Is It'

Kaley Cuoco in bed in loungewear
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Offering an insight into how Kaley lounges around, the video continued as Kaley said: "Like, while I'm watching TV and apparently drinking wine... I just let it...I literally let it kind of, like, the ridges sit in the leg area."

Kaley concluded that her sandwiching the foam roller between her legs is a "24/7" situation – if you've seen the sitcom star's workout videos, you'll be familiar with her HIIT training, yoga dedication, and – if you follow her Instagram – the killer bikini body that got bared for the first time in over a year just recently.

Bathrobe Car Video: 'Working From Home' Not Working For Her

Kaley Cuoco in her car wearing a bathrobe

Kaley fronted media outlets this week after her scheduled video chat on "TODAY" wound up a total shambles. A Wi-Fi outage seeing Kaley unable to get any iPad or cell connection drove the star to think on her feet – "sponsored by Range Rover," she joked as her episode of "A Cup of Cuoco" showed her in the pink bathrobe and matching cat-ear towel look donned for the interview.

As to Kaley's all-around COVID-19 headlines, they've been packed, from her Koala Challenge and Patience Challenge – the latter clocked 1 million views overnight – to her bikini updates.

Ends 'Unconventional Marriage' With Billionaire Heir Husband

Kaley Cuoco poses with Karl Cook at an event
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Mid-march marked the end of Kaley's "unconventional marriage" to billionaire heir equestrian Karl Cook. The 2018-married couple had not yet lived together, although their headline-making now includes Karl spanking his wife on the backside in their now-viral Koala Challenge, plus the "Karl Fashioned" cocktails they've drunk on Instagram to celebrate their move-in.

Kaley's upcoming HBO Max series "The Flight Attendant" is also gearing up for its May 27 release, with Kaley also recently having marked one year since hit sitcom "BBT" ended.

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