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Matt Lauer Spotted With New Tattoo About 'Hatred'

Gettyimages | Noam Galai
By Clark Sparky

One day after publishing an op-ed in which he spoke out against Ronan Farrow's 2019 best-selling book Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators, Matt Lauer was photographed with a new arm tattoo.

The former NBC anchor's ink reads, "Hatred corrodes the container it's carried in." It seems to be a reference to Alan Simpson's eulogy at George H.W. Bush's funeral held in December 2018.

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"You would have wanted [Bush] on your side. He never hated anyone. He knew what his mother and my mother always knew: Hatred corrodes the container it's carried in. The most decent and honorable man I ever met was my friend George Bush," Simpson said.

Lauer was spotted with the ink while driving his BMW after dropping his son off at a friend's house.


Lauer was accused by former colleague Brook Nevils of anally raping her in a hotel room while they two were covering the 2014 Sochi Olympics together. Lauer contends that the sexual relationship between them was consensual. The scandal led to his firing from NBC in 2017.

In his op-en this week, he claims he was falsely accused.

"In late November 2017, I was fired from my job at the Today show after admitting to having a consensual, yet inappropriate relationship with a fellow employee in the workplace. NBC said it was a violation of company policy, and it ended my 25-year career at the network," he wrote.

"I say these words with sincerity and humility. I am sorry for the way I conducted myself. I made some terrible decisions, and I betrayed the trust of many people. If this story had ended there you would not be reading this. But, it did not end there.

"The allegation came from Brooke Nevils, the same woman whose complaint resulted in my termination at NBC. It was made public as part of the promotional rollout for a new book by Ronan Farrow. This accusation was one of the worst and most consequential things to ever happen in my life, it was devastating for my family, and outrageously it was used to sell books," he continued.

"At no time did Brooke Nevils ever use the words 'assault' or 'rape' in regards to any accusation against me while filing her complaint with NBC in November of 2017. That has been confirmed publicly. NBC never suggested I was being accused of such an offense when I met with their attorney on Nov. 28 of that same year. They have also confirmed that publicly," Lauer says.

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