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Ariel Winter poses

Ariel Winter Brightens L.A.'s Trash Scene In Tight Yoga Pants

Gettyimages | Michael Tran
By Rebecca Cukier

Ariel Winter made industrial garbage containers look a little less dull yesterday. The 22-year-old actress whose 11 years on sitcom "Modern Family" have now ended was photographed on yet another L.A. street outing yesterday – Ariel's COVID-19 has seen her throw a drive-by party, plus forget her pants on a grocery store run.

If you tuned out of Ariel's life with "Modern Family" ending, the girl behind Alex Dunphy recently sliced off her thumb qhile cooking Greek food. Keep scrolling for that, plus this hottie getting her yoga pants game on.

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Going Skin-Tight, Head-To-Toe

Ariel Winter wearing jeans in the street
Gettyimages | gotpap/Bauer-Griffin

Click here for the photos. Ariel – who dropped 30 pounds in 2019 – was showing off her whittled-down frame alongside her new relationship – she was accompanied on her errands run by 25-year-old boyfriend Luke Benward. Ariel recently threw Luke a COVID-friendly drive-by party for his birthday, abiding by social distancing practices and looking stunning in a floral sundress.

No florals, no dresses here. Ariel's super-fit frame was covered by skin-tight black yoga pants and a likewise clingy turtleneck in gray. Snaps showed Luke exiting an establishment, with the camera taking a slightly-unattractive backdrop of waste disposal behind Ariel.

$227 On Takeout, But Still Shops Her Own Lucky Charms

Ariel Winter poses in a sheer top
Ariel Winter/Instagram

April saw Ariel in the news for spending $227 on Katsuya takeout for herself and Luke. Then again, snapped on a near-weekly basis with her face mask and gloves, Ariel has been proving that sitcom royalty can 100% do their own groceries. Early parts of the pandemic saw The Blast document Ariel shopping for Lucky Charms. As to her menu this week, it was slow-ccoker-prepared pulled pork – shared to Ariel's IG, the mouth-watering food was given an: "Oh yeah..."

Sliced Off Thumb And Threw The Tip Away

Ariel Winter poses with her dog in a sweater
Ariel Winter/Instagram

Ariel's photos yesterday did show a bandaged-up thumb. The redhead fronted media outlets in the first week of May for admitting she'd sliced off her thumb during a quarantine cooking attempt.

"So I went to chop a peeled tomato and sliced the top part of my thumb off on a peeled tomato," Ariel told Access Hollywood: "I was so shocked. It was more like I was hyperventilating. I was like I should be crying but I just can't believe it." It didn't end there as Winter was handed the tip of her thumb in a plastic bag from the E.R. – she accidentally threw it away.

'Obviously I Was Bleeding A Lot'

Ariel Winter poses on a balcony in a skirt
Ariel Winter/Instagram

Ariel continued:

"Obviously I was bleeding a lot but again it's my thumb. Like so many people are in there for so much worse and I was like, you know, I was perfectly fine," she said. "I sliced my thumb off and it's sad, I'll have a mildly sad-looking thumb, but it'll be okay."

Ariel's Instagram – followed by 4.3 million fans – has stayed relatively quiet amid the pandemic. A babydoll photoshoot accompanying Ariel's recent Teen Vogue was shared alongside some baseball bat kitchen fun, but there have only been five updates since March 29.

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