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Kristin Cavallari looks gorgeous in this shimmery low-cut dress as she poses for the flickering camera lights.

The Real Reason Kristin Cavallari Backed Out Of 'Very Cavallari' Amid Divorce Proceedings

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According to a source who spoke to US Weekly, Kristin Cavallari made the decision to back out of her show titled "Very Cavallari." Well, that's very Cavallari of her.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler have been involved in an ongoing brutal and messy divorce proceeding that fans can no longer keep up with them. There is not telling when all will become well with the soon-to-be ex-couple, but fans are hopeful that they would sort out their issues as soon as possible.

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There are a lo of speculations as to why Cavallari and Cutler are splitting, but one of them was addressed recently. There was a rumor circulating among fans, that stated that Cutler had an affair with Cavallari's ex BFF. However, the accused party cleared the air on a podcast show by saying she never dated Cutler and has nothing to do with their divorce.

After that, fans are now certain that whatever was happening between the couple, is natural and not from an outside source.

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As the hurtful divorce proceedings are going on, Cavallari has been taking other steps to make sure that she goes as far away from Cutler as soon as possible. Recently, she revealed that her show titled "Very Cavallari" has come to a permanent end. According to a source, her only reason, was because she did not want to address her divorce on camera. However, she knows too well that she would not be able to escape the questions, so, it is best to let go of the show.

Kristin Cavallari is showing off a dashing smile in this photo and she looks incredible.
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Furthermore, the source also revealed to US Weekly that Cavallari said she did not want to have to go through that experience and she wants to move forward with her life.

The 33-year-old designer made the tragic announcement on May 19, 2020. In total, the E! series has successfully aired for three seasons.

Cavallari mentioned in her announcement that filming the series was an amazing time for her and she is grateful to everyone that made it possible. However, she is not willing to renew the show for a fourth season.

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To her lovely fans and viewers, Cavallari also showed her earnest gratitude, because they made the series come alive and stay for as long as it did.

"To the fans: I can't thank you enough for all your support and for keeping up with me all of these years. I love you guys." She wrote on Instagram.

The end of Very Cavallari is quite hurtful to a lot of fans that were looking forward to the fourth season, but if this is what Kristin Cavallari wants, they support her completely.

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