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A photo showing Jennifer Garner in a silk red dress at an event and her smile is infectious

Jennifer Garner Expresses Happiness For How Far Ben Affleck Has Come In Life

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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck may not have worked out as a couple, but they are surely one of the best co-parents of all time and Garner's recent message to her ex-husband is proof of that.

When the duo announced that they were ending their 13 year marriage, it sounded like a bad joke to millions of fans. Well, this supposed bad joke turned out to be the dreadful reality that fans were not ready to come face to face with at that moment.

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A photo showing the lovey Jennifer Garner signing autographs for her fans at an event.
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During and after their relationship, Garner and Affleck have been through a lot, but one remarkable thing is that Garner has never stopped supporting her ex-husband. Over the years, Affleck has been involved in one trouble or the other, which includes alcoholism. The actor battled this addiction for a long time and this played a major role in his divorce from Garner.

Now that everything seems to be settling down and Affleck is in a new relationship, Garner is still supportive and wishes him well in everything he does.


Recently, a source disclosed to US Weekly that as regards their kids, Garner and Affleck have tried their best to get along and be on the same page. The source also included that Garner completely trusts her ex-husband and allows him take any decision he wants regarding the kids.

Furthermore, the source added that Garner is completely excited that Affleck is now in a good place and his health is back on track; which is something she has always wanted from the get go.

Ben Affleck looks dashing in this photo as he smiles coyly to the camera.
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Sometimes, when couples find it difficult to work through their issues and settle for a divorce, it is hurtful. But looking on the brighter side, when the couple decide to make their relationship habitable enough, so that the kids feel safe, this is a blessing.

This is also why Garner and Affleck are still adored by millions of fans, because while they may have not been able to save their marriage, they would never subject their kids to any form of hurt or rivalry.

A photo showing Ben Affleck dressed in a black leather jacket, with a microphone in his hand as he gives a speech.
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Since their divorce in 2018, Garner and Affleck have moved on with other people. In April 2018, Garner confirmed her romantic involvement with a businessman known as John Miller.

Affleck on the other hand has been painting the town with love since he met Ana de Armas. The duo have become somewhat inseparable and fans cannot seem to get over their incessant PDA.

Who can blame the man; it's an amazing feeling to be in love again as well as be healthy and completely happy.

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