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A motion photo showing Paul Pierce about to clap his hands and the smile on his face is amazing.

Fans Are Offended That Paul Pierce Does Not Consider LeBron James One Of HIs Favorite NBA Players

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Paul Pierce is a sweet fellow and fans love him because he has always stayed true to himself. But that lifetime quality may have led him to subscribe to an endless backlash on social media.

The professional basketball player recently shook the internet when he mentioned his five favorite basketball players. Just like any other game, basketball is founded on strength, agility, game points, record-breaking and of course rivalry.

Sometimes, fans try to pit two best game players against each other, to determine who the world prefers and that is how it has always been.

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As far as comparing and contrasting goes, Pierce decided to bare his mind to his fans and ended up getting disliked for it recently. The pro player was asked to name his top 5 basketball players. Unfortunately, his list excluded LeBron James, who is a well known legend in the basketball world.

Pierce's world best went to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson. Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Larry Bird. According to Pierce, these were the best players in the league, even the ones that have retired.

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Pierce also went on to say that although he loves LeBron James and all the accomplishments he has amassed over the years, he would not say that he is in the category of the people he named. Pierce also believes that LeBron should not be termed a legend because unlike the others, the player did not develop his winning team from scratch.

"He went and put together a team in Miami and in some ways, he came back to Cleveland to put that team together and then went to the Lakers, where a tradition has already been made," Pierce argued.

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In his statement, Pierce explicitly told fans to argue with the top five people he chose as his best in the game and they did exactly what he wanted. Pierce, who was formerly a pro basketball player, left that career behind to become an analyst for the ESPN.

While he was still a pro basketball player with the Celtics, Pierce encountered LeBron on so many occasions, when he played against the Lakers. At this point, LeBron was not exactly the friendly type because he seized every opportunity he had to burst the Celtics ego by winning.

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Also, LeBron is solely responsible for the division between Pierce and his closest team mates known as Boston's Big Three. The other members included; Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett.

Although a lot of fans weighed in on Pierce's favorite board, there was nothing they could do to change what he had already said. While some fans respect him for not being afraid to speak his truth, others believe that he is being too salty and that is unacceptable.

So there you have it guys! Paul Pierce Is Officially not a fan of L. J.

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