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Chrissy Teigen photographed candidly

Alison Roman Suspended From Her New York Times Column Following Feud, Chrissy Teigen Responds

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By Chris Barilla

The high profile feud between former model and media personality Chrissy Teigen and well-known chef and writer Alison Roman has been well-documented over the last two weeks. After constant back and forth spats and the interjection of many fans with their own takes on the situation, it appears that Roman has now been suspended from her role at The New York Times, something that Teigen has taken to social media to denounce and claim she is actively working to remedy.

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Teigen took to Twitter to voice her concerns over the publication's decision to suspend Roman amidst the tension between the two, denouncing the decision and claiming to be attempting to fix it however she can.

"I don’t like this one bit and I’m doing what I can (off Twitter) to make that known," she wrote to inquisitive fans asking about the state of the two's feud following news that Roman had been removed from her writing position at the prestigious newspaper.

Chrissy Teigen smiles for photographers
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When more fans responded to her asking for details regarding Roman's suspension, Teigen clapped back with a candid response, saying, "I know it's hard to imagine but not everything is handled on Twitter to entertain you. This is real life s***, and I'm doing what I can, in real life."

Their feud has been ongoing since earlier this month when Roman made controversial comments referring to Teigen as a sell-out in the cooking world, something the former model didn't take kindly to, sparking their feud which has now culminated in Roman's suspension.

Chrissy Teigen photographed candidly
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In another fan response on Twitter when asked if the beef was now squashed between the two, Teigen commented, "I hope we can laugh about it one day but I'm not happy with the NTY leave so she def can't laugh about it yet. It just sucks in every way."

Roman has been silent since her initial apologize after criticizing Teigen, but the former model doubled down on her apologies towards Roman, and said that she has been the target of some harassment while the events have transpired.

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"Alright I will believe you in that, as it is easy. But I very publicly forgave her and am getting very much blamed for her leave. And you have a lot to say on your timeline about me. Which is fine. I’m really tired," she explained of her handling the situation, attempting to shut out critics.

Fans previously speculated that Teigen's "content farm" comment recently was a reignition to the feud, but given these recent revelations it appears to have just been a figure of speech.

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