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Marlo Hampton poses for photographers

'RHOA': Marlo Hampton Gets Candid About Why She Isn't A Main Cast Member Yet

Gettyimages | Bravo
By Chris Barilla

Marlo Hampton has been an indisputable​ 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' mainstay since Season 4 of the show when she was brought around by NeNe Leakes, going on to become a constant "guest" or "friend" or the program, but seemingly never securing a legitimate spot on the program's main cast.

Now, in a new interview conducted by podcast Behind The Velvet Rope Hampton explained why she believes she has been snubbed from the official castmate title for so many years.

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Despite famous talkshow host Wendy Williams bestowing her with the honorary title of a "Peach," being a full time member of the show, the network has not officially recognized her as such, something that Hampton believes she knows the reasoning behind.

"A lot of these girls pick the wrong friends," she shared during her candid interview session with host David Yontef. "I’ve sat back and I’ve said, 'Look how they treat me?' Everyone they invest in is gone. Everyone they believe in is gone. I’m right here still. The story is still the same."

Marlo Hampton poses for photographers
Gettyimages | Prince Williams

In reference to why she hasn't been made an official castmate yet, Hampton commented, "Well, you heard it from my boss, you heard it from Andy Cohen. He said the consensus, we’re not all in agreement. I want to find out who’s not [in agreement with having her as part of the main cast]."

Hamptons maintains that there is someone on the show working against her pursuits, but claims that she bears no true hard feelings towards any of the show's cast or the team at Bravo that puts it together.

Marlo Hampton poses for photographers
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"Someone definitely don’t want me to have [a peach]," she continued to mention of why she is without the official title.

"And I’m OK because I’ve told everyone. I love Bravo, whoever’s working for Bravo that doesn’t love me, I love you. I’ve been loyal to my home. To me, Bravo is family. They take good care of me, I’ve seen a lot of the world. I eat good, I’m able to sit here and talk to you and not worry about where my next meal is coming from," Hampton continued to gush about the network.

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Despite the problems with the logistics of her being on the program as a full-time​ member of the cast, Hampton still vouches for the show and its concept entirely, saying that there is something for everyone to relate to within the show.

"I think it is we’re relatable, even if you don’t want to say that we are. Even in your billionaire house. Every single one of us, someone in their household can relate to us," she explained of why 'Real Housewives' is so popular.

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