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Noah Cyrus Made Miley Cry With New Song 'Young & Sad'

Gettyimages | Rob Foldy
By Rima Pundir

Noah Cyrus just released a song that makes her sister Miley Cyrus cry because of the lyrics in it, but it's not news to 27-year-old Miley who shares a lovely relationship with her sister, 20-year-old Noah Cyrus. The sisters love each other to no end with Miley always looking out for her younger sis, and Noah looking up to her far-more famous, and infamous sister. Miley shot to fame in and as "Hannah Montana" but broke out of the good-girl mold pretty radically in the past years.

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Miley Understands Her Lil Sister's Pain Completely

Miley Cyrus for WSJ magazine on Instagram
Miley Cyrus / Instagram

As celebrities, and specifically as female celebrities, both Miley and Noah have been the targets of cyberbullying but Noah took it much harder because of her younger age. That said, Miley is incredibly proud of her little sister today and feels that she has some rad songwriting skills, far better than her own. Now that's some cool support from her older sister and we are pretty sure that "Young & Sad" Noah may not be sad anymore, even though she is a PYT.

Noah's Songwriting Talent Blew Miley Away

Noah Cyrus posing for her EP on Instagram
Noah Cyrus / Instagram

The lyrics go: “My sister’s like sunshine / Always bringing good light wherever she will go / And I was born to rain clouds / Blessed in her shadows,” and once Miley heard them, it made her pretty emotional. But she doesn't hold the words against Noah, instead, she is very proud that her little sister, who confides in Miley about everything, is finding a positive outlet for her feelings in music. Watch the song below to get blown away by Noah's talent...

Miley Would Do Anything For Her Baby Sister

Miley Cyrus for WSJ magazine on Instagram
Miley Cyrus / Instagram

Despite that outwardly tough appearance that Miley Cyrus had, that also ended up breaking Liam Hemsworth's heart, she is a big softie where Noah is concerned. Her celebrity status and fan following may be bigger that of her little sister but Miley considers Noah, who is seven years younger to her, her absolute equal. Friends and sources close to the family often state how Miley would do just about anything to make Noah happy, and feels that Noah's talent is absolutely awesome.

It Has Been An Uphill Battle For Noah Though

Noah Cyrus posing for Tomorrow Magazine on Instagram
Noah Cyrus / Instagram

Despite all the support given to her by her family, and her elder sister Miley, Noah confesses that it has been an uphill battle for her. She was only six when Miley became a big star because of "Hannah Montana" and since then has been accustomed to living in her celebrity sister's shadow, finding it tough to break out of the sidewings. Her EP "The End of Everything" is out now, and hopefully, it will get her all the love and fame she wants for herself, as herself.

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