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A photo showing Ludacris in a black sunshade and black sweatshirt with a large silver necklace.

Ludacris Explains His 'Misinterpreted' Lyric About R. Kelly In Online Battle

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Ludacris gave a lot of fans something to be hyped abour recently when he engaged in the "Verzuz" with co-singer, Nelly. The crowd that poured in online to watch the legends battle it out with amazing lyrics were enormous. Many also used the opportunity to show their love and support to Nelly who has been out of the music business for many years now.

The nostalgia that this battle brought on fans was amazing and they could not have enough of it.

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While the battle was going on, Ludacris dropped a rather serious lyric that shook a lot of people. After a while, it began to cause controversy on social media, as a lot of fans wanted clarification on what the line meant.

In the song, Ludacris' lyric expressly said; "I love R.Kelly, but around my daughters, I'm not comfortable."

The lyric itself was as straightforward as it could be, but fans were still conflicted and they wanted the 42-year-old singer to explain what he really meant with such a lyric.

An amazing throwback photo of Ludacris and his colleagues from "Fast and Furious."
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In an interview with Big Tigga, Ludacris decided to let everyone know what he truly meant, so that there would be no confusion and people would not misquote him. As a concerned father of girls, Ludacris obviously meant that although he has so much love for R.Kelly, for the amazing things he has brought to the music world, he would not trust him with his daughters.

While Ludacris respects Kelly as a legendary singer, he does not trust him to be close to his young daughters and that is all he meant.

A photo of R.Kelly being led out of a criminal court facility.
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Ludacris further mentioned that whenever he is speaking or dropping lyrics, all he is doing, is being honest. Also, he understood why fans did not get what he was trying to say, hence his explanation.

Speaking of Kelly, also known as Robert Sylvester Kelly, the American singer and songwriter has been was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. These offences were against four women, of which three are minors. Kelly denied these allegations in 2019 and was granted a bail of $100,000.


Although he has been released on bail, the court ordered the singer to surrender his passport and was instructed not to interact with anyone below 18 years.

The bail was posted by an anonymous party as the singer could not come up with such a large sum of money.

On Monday, a proficient attorney known as Gloria Allred revealed that she was now the legal counsel for six women who are alleging that Kelly sexually abused them when they minors.

When he went back to jail after a self-surrender, the court said that the singer would remain locked up till his May 2020 trial.

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