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Reginae Carter Clears up the Rumor That She 'Doesn't Fit In' With Trina & Lori Harvey

Gettyimages | Bennett Raglin
By Imani Ford

Reginae Carter has never been shy in expressing her opinion when it comes to just about everything and anything. Most fans know that she is friends with Lori Harvey and Taina Williams. After Taina posted a photo with her and her friends on Cinco De Mayo, fans were quick to speculate that their friendship might be over. Usually, Reginae was seen with the girls but lately, she had been missing from their pictures. Of course, Reginae jumped on live to clear up the rumors.

The Photo Went Viral

Gettyimages | Prince Williams

Since Reginae and Taina are close friends, fans were quick to question were they even friends anymore. Many believed that something happened between them a few months ago because that’s when she stopped appearing in her photos. A lot of people even went as far as to say that Taina replaced Reginae with girls who are of a lighter complexion for looks purposes. Even though it does look suspect that Reginae isn’t in any of the pictures, she made it clear that they only thing keeping her from her friends is timing and distance.

Timing and Distance

Gettyimages | Prince Williams

On live, Reginae explained that time and distance is the reason she isn’t with her friends at the moment. “I ain’t never spoke on, imma speak on it now. Stop saying I don’t fit in, okay? Stop making up stories,” Reginae demanded. “One, I have no problems with nobody. Like nobody, like it’s for real. I have no problems with anything okay. I have no problems with Taina, I have no problems with Lori. I have no problems with Asia.”

She Can’t Show Her Beach Body

Gettyimages | Paras Griffin

Reginae continues to explain the situation even further. “They are all cool. They are all my friends. We’re cool we talk, it’s no problem. For y’all to tell me I don’t fit in with a group when them girls live in L.A. together y’all. I live in Atlanta okay. I live in Atlanta so I can’t show my beach body,” she finishes off by saying. Her explanation makes sense due to flying being more difficult at this time due to the virus.

Reginae and Taina Grew Apart

Gettyimages | Prince Williams

Even though Reginae gave this explanation, a lot of fans don’t believe her. The reason why is because a month earlier, Reginae claimed that she and Taina grew apart. During this interview, she expressed that they still have a lot of love for each other and that there is no bad blood between the two. Reginae even went as far as to unfollow Taina at the beginning of the year. Regardless of the reason, it seems like Reginae wants to keep what happened between them on the low.

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