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Naomi Campbell wearing red and green shirt

Naomi Campbell Takes The Cover Of Essence Magazine, Interviews With Variety, & Starts Her Own Talk Show

Gettyimages | Kristy Sparow
By Jacob Highley

Naomi Campbell has been very busy this month with photoshoots, interviews, and a brand new Youtube channel that she started.

The 49-year-old supermodel (fittingly titled by the international press and the fashion industry) gave some juicy details about how she's self-isolating due to the Coronavirus - including how she landed being featured on the cover of Essence Magazine for its 50th anniversary.

The multi-decade-long businesswoman also gave insights into how she's producing content on social media while staying home and expressed her nostalgic feelings about some of the people she interviewed on her channel.

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Naomi Didn't Understand New Technology

Naomi Campbell with long hair down
Instagram @Naomi

When asked to elaborate on how she's been making content on her Youtube while staying home, the actress told Variety that she wasn't even originally interested in doing it:

"I didn’t understand any of that technology, because I come from a different era. I’ve been asked so many times to show and tell my life and different people wanted to do it. I didn’t want someone to own my life. I wanted part ownership at least and it just didn’t feel right and I wasn’t interested."

Naomi Got With Youtube

Naomi Campbell in White and black outfit
Instagram @Naomi

Naomi explained how she was able to start her channel thanks to the YouTube team:

"When the YouTube team came to me and explained how it worked, I liked the sound of it. I liked that you could own your content and still feel a part of it. I felt safe and that was what was important for me."

"I made that decision in 2018 and went from there. I love and care for the African continent, so it was a way to show the country because the perception of what we hear has always been so wrong. What I’ve seen with my own eyes, it was a perfect way to show things like that."

Nostalgia For Naomi!

Naomi Campbell in pink outfit
Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil

She was also asked how she felt interviewing long-time friends who she's known for so long:

"I understand people don’t like going down memory lane. But for me, my pictures and my shows and my work is what chronicles my life, and that’s the only way to do it for me. Many memories come from these friends and people you see, so it’s impossible to not speak about it nostalgically."

"Cindy, Linda [Evangelista], Christy and I were four girls who were brought together from different parts of the world. We might never have met if not for work and I still call these women my chosen family."

Reinventing Herself


Variety also asked what it has been like to change her approach to online business and "reinventing" herself:

"You have to be authentic. None of us are perfect, and I’ve gone through my ups and downs and I’ve admitted that. You’re trying to better yourself each day and what’s important in times like this is you know who is there for you. The same people that were there for me ten years ago are still there for me right now. It has not changed."

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