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Whoopi Goldberg smiles for photographers

Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Meghan McCain Following Her Rant On 'The View'

Gettyimages | Dominik Bindl
By Chris Barilla

A recent discussion on 'The View' went slightly off the rails when cohost Whoopi Goldberg had to step in and shut down Meghan McCain mid-argument.

During a heated coronavirus-related discussion, McCain had grown increasingly agitated with the opinions of her cohosts and raised her voice further in the argument, causing Goldberg, who traditionally moderates the topics discussed during the program as is, to step in and end it. This subsequently made for some serious post-argument tension that fans even commented on following the episode's premiere​.

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Meghan McCain poses for photographers
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The show's hosts were specifically discussing the idea of going back to work as the coronavirus pandemic still unfolds, to which some strong opinions were shared. Sunny Hostin took some time in her argument to address the stimulus package that a good percentage of Americans were eligibile for, emphasizing that the government has "plenty of money" yet it seems as though only the top percentage of earners benefit from it. This statement caused McCain to enter the conversation with a stern response.

Meghan McCain photographed candidly
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"That is just ridiculous, it’s a Democrat wish list," began McCain, speaking over Goldberg who was attempting to contribute with her own point of the argument.

"Let me finish my point," Goldberg said raising her tone in unison with McCain, who was attempting to speak over the others.

While the traditionally Republican cohost continued to make a louder argument at her cohosts, Goldberg decided to use her moderator privileges and cut to commercial break to aid in easing the tension between the castmates.


"How are we going to tax people if there’s no economy?" Was the last thing McCain could be heard saying as the show cut to commercial.

The women of the program have a history of energetic scoffs with one another over a variety of pertinent topics, but Goldberg was seemingly not having any amount of disrespect from McCain as she attempted to convey her point, deciding that to end the program for the moment was a better alternative to further substantiating the argument.

Whoopi Goldberg poses for photographers
Gettyimages | Paul R. Giunta

Many fans reacted to the video segment with messages of support for Goldberg, saying she made the right call diffusing the situation in such a way.

"Whoopi with all the factual smoke," a fan commented on Twitter, "It must be exhausting to explain everything after Meghan throws out her alt-right BS talking points, but it should be shut down like that every time. It’s only going to get worst, with the Republicans like her, there is clearly no low."

"She gets cut off because she doesn’t know when to stop talking, she had already had her turn with the subject under discussion, but no, she has to give a rebuttal," commented another user.

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