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Jennifer Garner waving to her fans at an event

Jennifer Garner Jigs To Dadi Freyr's Song While Doing Laundry On Instagram

Gettyimages | Chelsea Guglielmino
By Rima Pundir

Jennifer Garner uploaded a video of hers on Instagram on Monday, where she is seen doing a mountain of laundry, shaking her booty to Dadi Freyr's song "Think About Things"... The video is comical and shows the normal woman's frustration with being at home, doing a ton of work and trying to maintain her sanity, and at the same time, get the house in order. It has struck a chord with friends and fans alike and has garnered almost three million views already, pun intended.

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The Video Ended With Garner Downing Wine

Jennifer Garner wearing her and her kids' sunglasses, together
Jennifer Garner / Instagram

Garner's playful video came with the caption, "I don’t know why I thought you needed this. 🤷🏻‍♀️🧺 🍷 🐈 👵🏼🙈😬♥️". The video itself was an edited one with lots of shots of Garner spliced into one video, with Dady Freyr "Think About Things", playing in the background. She tagged the Icelandic singer too, finishing off with a flourish, dressed in dark PJs, sipping on a large goblet of wine, as the mountain of laundry seemed to get a lot smaller than before.

Friends & Fans Sent Garner Love & Comments

Jennifer Garner getting ready for SAG, 2020
Jennifer Garner / Instagram

Ariana Grande wrote in, "u make me smile" while Amy Purdy also commented, "Omg this is amazing!! The cat falling 😂😂😂 yes we all needed this!" There is a little part in the video where Garner is jigging, holding her cat who slips and jumps off, while Garner makes a wry face. Most fans seemed to love the cat itself while others were more sympathetic towards laundry day, especially with everybody stuck at home. And by everybody, fans meant the kids and the never-ending laundry from them.

She Had Recently Wished Her Mother A Sweet Birthday

Garner's birthday wishes for her mom were adorable
Jennifer Garner / Instagram

Jennifer Garner alos posted the sweetest birthday wish for her mother in a post on Saturday, where she wrote, "Happy Birthday to my wonderful, loving, adventurous mother, Patricia English Garner. I only hope to be as brave as you are, Mom, and can only try to be half the mother you have been to Melissa, Susannah, and me. We love you and cannot wait to be together again." Garner also mentioned how much of an inspiration her mother was to her, giving her fans a little background to her family.

Her "Recipe Of The Week" Was A Big Hit

Jennifer Garner posted a Tom Bodett quote
Jennifer Garner / Instagram

Garner's recipe of the week was also the sweetest post ever, a quote by Tom Bodett that many of her friends echoed. She captioned the post, "Recipe for the week (wish me luck 😆🤷🏻‍♀️). ♥️" and Molly Simms sent her lots of love and also commented that it was her brother's favorite quote as well. Another fan was quick to send her a sweet wish, "Always wishing you good luck. May you find happiness, faithfulness, and love because you deserve it." Meanwhile here's Garner doing her own hair...

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