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Bella Thorne poses for a photo

Bella Thorne's Ocean Daisy Dukes Photos Have Instagram 'Enjoying' The Scenery

Bella Thorne/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Bella Thorne clocked herself over 189,000 likes in under two hours today, taking to Instagram to share her latest ocean outing. The 22-year-old actress, singer, and "Life of a Wannabe Mogul" author has mostly been making COVID-19 headlines for stripping down to those mismatched bikinis – with over 5 million views to Bella's late-April poolside video, which you can see below, this is a star whose 25 million followers have had plenty to keep them entertained amid the global pandemic.

Bella took it outdoors on Monday, and Instagram was absolutely loving it.

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In Case You Haven't Noticed, Daisy Dukes Are Her Wardrobe Staple

Bella Thorne poses for a selfie in denim shorts
Bella Thorne/Instagram

Keep scrolling for the photos. They follow Bella's headline-making V Magazine interview as she revealed fans "hating" on former Disney stars for shedding their good-girl images and "now you want to be sexy." Somewhere in between as Bella flaunted her stunning figure by ocean rocks and drenched in sunlight, the star's snaps showed her in tiny frayed Daisy Dukes flashing a little booty – Bella also rocked a sleeveless white tank and chunky sneakers as she showed off her new, blonde- highlighted hair.

Instagram Is 100% Happy, Celeb Like Comes In

Bella Thorne poses for a photo in jeans and a sweater
Bella Thorne/Instagram

Bella's fans – currently supporting her as Italian pop star boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo is stuck in Italy – were like bees to a honeypot.

"That fit doe, you’re killin it😍," one fan wrote.

"Gorgeous and I love the view of the ocean behind you," another said.

"Enjoying the scenery" came as a more ambiguous reply, although the post did garner a celebrity like from socialite Paris Hilton.

Keep scrolling for that bikini video. Fresh from handing out $10,000 cash to her followers, Bella has also been making headlines for announcing her upcoming "Paradise City" TV series also starring former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo – the promo came sexually-charged as Bella was seen in a lesbian make out with topless women visible.

Bikini Video Hits 5 Million Views

Bella Thorne poses for a bikini selfie
Bella Thorne/Instagram

Bella's quarantine videos have been making headlines – both for seeing the star strip down and, as The Blast documented, generating trolling hygiene comments as viewers both suggested that the "Shake It Up" actress needs a good wash and is under the influence of meth. Bella's drug use appears limited to the marijuana she regularly shouts out, having celebrated 4/20 by getting high and eating pizza on Instagram.

Thorne recently addressed being a grown-up in the context of her being a child star – her career kicked off at 13.

Child Actors Adults Since They Were '8 Years Old'

Bella Thorne poses for a photo in sweats
Bella Thorne/Instagram

“People forget that child actors are working with full adults on set for however many hours a day. Of course they grow up so fast. They’ve been an adult since they were what, eight years old?” Bella told V Magazine a few days ago.

“People always hate on the Disney stars because they’re like, ‘Oh, you have this clean image and you’re so young and now you want to be sexy,’” she added.

Bella's image may come with an upped ante, but the ex to rapper Mod Sun has received critical acclaim for her "Her & Him" porn video as she took on a directorial debut with adult entertainment giant Pornhub in 2019.

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