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Lakers Star Dwight Howard Is Still Recovering From The Death of His Child's Mother Melissa Rios

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Dwight Howard has recently been faced with a hurtful experience, one that is not only affecting him, but no doubt, affecting his 6-year-old son. The professional basketball player lost the mother of his child, Melissa Rios, who died from an epileptic seizure. Although Howard has taken time out to mourn and get himself in order, there is no telling how long this process will go on for.

But, for the sake of his son, he is doing everything he can to pull himself up and move on with life.

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Howard has also been conflicted with how to relate the tragic news to his son, however, he is happy that he has the chance to heal continuously. The NBA star talked about his recent experience and he was definitely confused about how to feel.

He mentioned that the death of Rios, is one of the toughest things he had ever had to go through in his life. He said that when everything was okay, if he needed to take his mind off something, he would play a game, but now, he doesn't even have that luxury.

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Howard talked about Rios' death during a video call from his Georgia home, where he has been spending time with his kids since the pandemic began. Howard said that he knows that he cannot escape from this pain because his son will be with him forever and that is what makes it more difficult.

According to Howard, his relationship with Rios was very pleasant and they did everything to make their son comfortable. He also revealed that he was inviting her over to Georgia o stay with him when he learned of her demise.

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Howard said that when he learned what had happened to her, it was very difficult to handle.

"It was kind of hard to process, it still is. But I did attend the funeral, there was no way that I could not be there for my son and even for her family. I definitely would have felt like that would have been bad, because she deserves... he would deserve better if I didn't do that." Howard said.

In total, Howard has five children and he is trying his best to be part of their lives.

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Now that he is on break from his NBA schedule, Howard will try to be a hands-on parent to his little ones between ages six and twelve.

To bond with his kids, Howard engages them in different types of games around the house and when they want to be outside, they build bonfires and throw things in it. This is the best time for Howard to get to know his kids and be a part of their lives and he is making use of the opportunity wisely.

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