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Recently Separated Kristin Cavallari Reportedly Going 'Stir Crazy' Parenting Alone

By Savannah Pointer

Reality television star and jewelry and home goods mogul Kristen Cavallari admitted on an Instagram Live chat with stylist Dani Michelle that "everyone's getting like a little stir-crazy cause we can't really go anywhere.”

"I mean with my kids it’s like 'all right, what should we do today?' And we’ve like maxed out every creative idea," Cavallari said.

The mom and business owner said that she was still working from home while on lockdown and raising her children post-separation from her estranged husband.

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Cavallari Described Her Routines While Staying Home


"Monday through Friday I’m still running Uncommon James and so we’re doing you know, virtual, like, video calls and all that stuff. But there is a sense of having to stay on top of everything in that way,” Cavallari said of her jewelry line.

"But it’s nice because I used to wake up at 5am every morning, work out, and then I would get my kids ready for school, take them to school and then go to the office. And it’s like I haven’t set an alarm since all of this has been going on."

Cavallari Was Recently Embroiled In Controversy


Fans of the reality star have jumped to her defense after it was rumored that estranged husband Jay Cutler might have been spotted in an Instagram post with former BFF Kelly Henderson.

Cutler and Cavallari announced their plan to divorce just a week ago and reports began to fly about the reasons stated by the pair for their impending divorce.

According to Cosmopolitan Cavallari cited "marital misconduct” alleged that Jay "is guilty of such inappropriate marital conduct as renders further cohabitation unsafe and improper."

Rumors Of Cutler’s Misconduct Were Already Prolific Before The Divorce


Months before the pair’s decision to go their separate ways rumors of potential misconduct between Henderson and Cutler caused a rift between Cavallari and her former best friend. According to an interview with Cavallari, however, it wasn’t due to any belief that Henderson and Cutler were involved, but how Henderson didn’t dispel the myth that caused the rift.

"Not for one second have I ever thought that it was true,” Cavallari said of the rumor that spread about Cutler and Henderson.

Fans Believe They Spotted Cutler In Henderson’s Instagram Photo


"Def jay cutler. Look back at his Instagram it's his bracelet," one wrote in the comments of Henderson’s photo. "I don't know whats worse, if its him or if you want us to think it is him but its really not," another said after looking at the cryptic image.

Several others chimed in saying, “100% jays arm / bracelet this is shady as hell!” and still another agreed on the jewelry, saying “Def jay cutler. Look back at his Instagram it’s his bracelet.”

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