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Ash Naeck and Avery Warner enjoying a night out

’Before The 90 Days’ Avery Warner’s Ex Writes Scathing ’10 Truths’ Post

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By Kay Lewis

“Before The 90 Days” may be coming to a close but the drama is just heating up. Recently, the entire virtual reunion was “accidentally” leaked online, and now cast member Avery Warner’s ex-husband and baby daddy has revealed some shocking supposed truths about the mom of two that are only now just making the rounds. Back in March, the young mom wrote a lengthy IG post seemingly responding to a post that was circulating on social media titled, “10 Truths About Avery Warner From 90 Day Fiancée [sic] That She Doesn’t Want You To Know.”

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Avery Is Being Accused Of Abandoning Her Daughter

Avery and her daughter Sylver
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The list, that fans now know came from Warner’s ex-husband was literally a top 10 list of how bad a mother Avery has been to their daughter Scarlett, 10. The ex had some pretty intense things to say about Warner and her lack of mothering skills. Some of the “truths” to come from the list included “Avery does not have any custody of her oldest daughter, and never has. He also alleges that besides a 30-minute visit on New Years Day, Warner has not seen her daughter since Fall 2019.

Her Ex-Husband Had A Lot Of Nasty Things To Say

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The ex-husband also alleged that Warner does not pay child support and he claims she downright refuses to financially support her daughter and because of that her wages have been garnered by the state. The list gets pretty intense and it’s a little upsetting to read. Of course, Warner has denied all allegations against her and even Ash Naeck, the man Warner was attempting to pursue a relationship with on “Before the 90 Days” has come to her defense in a pretty lengthy post of his own.

Ash Naeck Came To Avery's Defense

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The couple is showing having a rough time together on the show especially during the latest episodes where Naeck put his foot in his mouth at a relationship seminar for women. However, he truly believes that Warner is not capable of doing the things that her ex-husband is accusing her of. “I don’t know the ex husband, but I know Avery and I have seen her care, love, support and fight for her kids,” started Naeck. “The 10 apparently truth are 100% questionable which may be taken as a form of defamation towards a public figure. I’ve been with Avery for close to 16 months, on FaceTime and phone calls up to 3-4 times a day and spent time with her and was lucky to spend time with Sylver, her gorgeous little daughter in Seattle.”

The Truth Will Come Out

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Naeck wants fans to know that he has never been concerned with the type of mother Warner is. “I can share that she is an outstanding mum, conscious, caring always putting her little one first. Avery goes out of her way to make sure Sylver is seen, heard and loved and the way she parents her daughter is beautiful to watch. The amount of love she gives Sylver is beyond this world.” He continued on to share that while he has not met Scarlett, he can’t imagine that she could treat one daughter one way and one another. “In regards to the eldest daughter I can a-test that she moves heaven and earth to see her. For Xmas, Avery saved her 💰 to buy her eldest daughter cool fun tech gadgets and a laptop if I remember well. For her birthday Avery bought her a self balancing scooters. She travels 4 hours (1 way) every 3,4 weeks to see her eldest daughter. Avery expressed with me that she would do anything to see her more.”

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