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Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo

Jinger Duggar: Backlash Leads to Video Removal

Jinger Vuolo | Instagram
By A. Elise

While the Duggars never get a break from the public spotlight, it seems to be for a good reason: they keep posting content that garners criticism. Jinger Duggar, who moved to Los Angeles with husband Jeremy Vuolo and their daughter, has been aiming for an influencer lifestyle. Unfortunately for her, her social media game hasn't been up to snuff.

Now, Jinger has removed an Instagram video after she received a significant amount of backlash from social media followers. So, what was the offending video?

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Jinger and Felicity Vuolo looking at Bible
Jinger Vuolo | Instagram

The video in question was a Q&A session she posted with Jeremy. The Instagram video included the couple asking each other questions about life and hypothetical situations.

The video was certainly popular in that it had a lot of views, but it also received a significant amount of backlash from those who commented it. Clearly, the backlash was getting to the family and they decided to remove it. Of course, this might leave you wondering what was so negative about the video that they decided to remove it from Jinger's main feed.

Jinger, Felicity, and Jeremy Vuolo walking
Jinger Vuolo | Instagram

In the Q&A video, the couple delves into a series of "Would You Rather?" questions. Jeremy would ask Jinger questions but step in and answer the questions for her as she tried to think. When Jinger did answer the questions, Jeremy argued with her, as if she didn't know herself well enough to answer.

Social media followers quickly pointed out how much Jeremy stepped on Jinger's toes in the video. Some people commented on the video asking why Jeremy couldn't let Jinger speak for herself.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo
Jinger Vuolo | Instagram

The video is not completely gone from Instagram. It is listed under a part of her profile labeled 'IGTV.' There are two parts to the video still listed. Jeremy has not posted the video to his own Instagram feed, but he did post a tribute to Jinger for Mother's Day.

In the last few days, critics had also criticized some of the answers Jeremy posed to the questions. He jumped in to criticize the way she and her family dressed when she was younger, saying she had both 'zero fashion sense' and an 'outdated fashion sense.'

Jinger putting together a puzzle
Jinger Vuolo | Instagram

Jinger is clearly trying to curate a polished appearance for her Instagram feed. Unlike her sister Jill, who posts pictures from her daily life, Jinger seemingly posts in a way that is specific to her desired aesthetic. She is rarely disheveled in appearance, and she rarely posts unpolished selfies. To many, it just doesn't seem natural.

To put it simply, many people want to know what happens behind the scenes. What is life really like behind the facade? Is Jinger actually happy?

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